April goals

I'd like to share my April goals with everyone.
1. Work on gathering eggs/finish it
2. stitch spring exchange gift
3. stitch ornament for niece Ashley
4.work on getting my jammer in order
5. stitch a square for Boos Christmas quilt

I hope to get at least 3 of those things done this coming month. But I'd be lucky to get 2 of them done. If I didn't have to spend my days off playing taxi I'd get a lot more stitching done.

Sister's forever

My sister kept Boo boo all night on Friday night. So I took the free time to work on Sister's forever. And guess what! I finished it tonight. I can't believe it only took me like 2 weeks to stitch. Here it is..finished.

Sister's forever

Stitched for my sister's birthday.

From the magazine Just cross stitch Feb 2003

Chart is available for trade.

I've also stitched up an ornament for my niece. I'm going to try and stitch an ornament a month for my family. As soon as I do the finishing on the ornament I'll post a picture of it. I even added the beads!! I HATE adding beads. It's such a chore and stitching shouldn't be a chore.

In other news..I got my hair cut off. I got about...8 inches cut off. It was down pass my shoulders and now it is way way above it. Keith isn't very happy about it. He has never known me to have short hair. What he doesn't know is I've always had short hair, in til I knew him. I had just let it grow out when I met him. And he always seemed to like it. Well..summer is coming and running after a kid in the heat isn't going to be fun. So I got it cut.

I took boo out side to enjoy the spring weather. We had a great time. We played ball and chased the neighbors cat. He falls down a lot, like all the time. Hits his face on the ground. His head looks awful. People will think i beat him. LOL He's getting so big. Soon he will be 18 months old. Where did my baby go??

I was wondering if anyone has this chart for sale or trade? It comes as a kit but I only want the chart. I'd like to stitch it for Keith's best friend. She is pregnant with twins. And is doing the room in Noah ark.

MIL's quilt!

The quilt

I gave my MIL her quilt this past Tuesday. She LOVED it. She can't belive the kindness of others. That strangers would stitch her a square. I told her that the Stitchers that I know are awesome. Best group of people I have ever known. This week marks her 1 year mark. She had her cancer surgery one year ago on good friday. I told her the quilt is her..glad you are still with us, love you forever, don't scare me like that again gift. LOL I love my MIL dearly. I don't know what we would do with out her in our lifes. Thank you to all the great stitchers that stitched a square for me. My MIL's sister did the sewing of the quilt. I think she did a great job. Much better than I could have ever done. I love the framed blocks she put around each square. And the fabric is such a great pick. Thanks again to everyone that helped make this quilt happen! Now I am going to stitch up some squares for Brandon and have him one made for christmas. I think i'm going to do Cars and trucks. I just gotta find some charts that will work.

I still haven't taken a picture of my WIP of Sisters forever. I'll try to do that some time today.

Thank you Helen!!

I posted a while back on the 123 Message board asking for help on how to make a wall hanging. A lady, a complete stranger, answered my call for help. She turned my "Love you" piece into a wall hanging for me. She didn't ask for ANYTHING in return. No money, no stash, no nothing! She has to be a one of a kind lady. AND she did an awesome job. So thank you Helen.

Happy Easter!!

I spent my Easter at work. We had a lot of family come in to see there loves ones. It was a looong day. LOL When I got home from work we went to my Sisters and colored eggs. She got brandon a great easter basket filled with toys. She got him a see n say toy. Something that I have been wanting to get him. We have Brandon his easter basket from us last night. We didn't have much money to buy him anything huge. I just bought him an already made basket and stuck some other candy in it. Here is a picture of it. And here is a picture of boo coloring easter eggs for the first time.
And here is a picture of boo coloring easter eggs for the first time. After he colored them he wanted to throw the egg. I think he thought they were balls. WE had a great time tho.

I do have a lot of stitching done on my Sister's Forever peice. I have Sist all stitched up. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it yet. I'm off tomorrow and will have time to do more blogging. I have a few other things to share as well. So check back soon!
Here is my WIP of gathering eggs. Doesn't she look so beautiful! I was hoping to get her done by Easter but I don't think i'm going to make it. There are a lot of..bubbles on this piece. I've undone so many stitches. I blame it on the fabric. I have NEVER stitched on such fabric. I wish I knew was it was called so I can ad void it in the future. LOL

Here is my WIP of Sisters Forever. I'm trying to back stitch it as I go along. I usually wait and back stitch at the end. But with all the scattered stitches I think back stitching it as I go will keep me from messing up so much. Here is a pic of what it will look like when finished. I have had it in my stash for a long while. It's from a magazine. I don't recall the name or the year. But if anyone is interested I'll post it.
Last evening Keith and I watched a great Movie called I am Legend. It has Will Smith in it. It is a very slow paced movie. Keith fell asleep twice. But I loved it. I was able to wrap floss onto bobbins and not miss much of the movie. LOL I gotta lot of floss done. (of course boo boo was down for a nap).
I gotta spend most of today cleaning house. It is a total disaster.I'm not sure how it gets so messed up. Wish me luck!

Biggest BAP I've ever seen!

A lady from the 123 stitch message board sent me a picture of her current project. She has been working on this for 2 years. She has 3 more blocks to do. This is so beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a project so large. At least not over 1/2 done. Helen...keep up the great work and plz let me know when you have the other squares done. Has anyone else ever stitched anything so large? My largest project would have to be these bears. I stitched them in 2003, I was
on a bear kick back then. LOL
I have a Picture of my Gathering eggs but I don't' feel like downloading it from the camera right now. So I'll post again in the morning. Also I've started a new project. I know, I know. I'm usually a one project woman. But I forgot all about my sisters birthday coming up!! So I'm stitching on Sister Forever that I found in a magazine. So I'm stitching Gathering eggs during the day, and in the evenings I'm working on sisters forever. I hate working on 2 projects at once. I feel like I'll get board of one and never pick it up again.
Brandon is finally better. No more fever, couch or rash. Now he's back to his ornery self. He got into my floss box and had it dumped all over the floor. Thank goodness that's all the damage he done. I never would have thought he be able to get the jammer box open. Guess he fooled me. Kids are soooo much smarter than we give them credit for. Right now he is throwing a foam ball around the room and chasing after it. OHH!!! I almost forgot. Today we went to the dollar store to pick up Easter candy. He threw a fit for this stuffed George monkey. I usually don't buy him stuffed animals because I don't see much use for them. But I HAD to buy this for him. He wasn't going to leave the store with out it. Once he got home, all he has done is carry that monkey around. Holding it and kissing it. It's so funny. I've never seen him so taken with a toy before.
In til next time!

Here is a picture of my WIP this week. Today I am going to go back and do the back stitching. There isn't much back stitching on this peice. So I thought if I did it now when i'm done i'm done. Except for adding the beads. A lady from 123 stitch is sending me the beads that I need for this. People from 123 stitch message board are the greatest.

Today I weighed in at 188 pounds! I finally got benith 190. I have been going to the gym atleast 4 days a week. And eating right..eating blah blah blah foods. LOL It suspose to be nice out today so I might take Boo boo for a stroll around town. Most of the snow has melted. We had a horrid snow storm this past week. Here is a few pictures of the street.
We got a lot more than this picture is showing, I just forgot to take pictures of it. Now we are worried about flooding. The river is up so very high already. So once all this snow melts we might be in trouble. ((not me of course, I live up a hill and about a mile from the river))
I gotta run tho, boo boo just fell out of bed

My WIP update

I thought I would post my WIP pic. I didn't get much stitching done because of the pink flower drove me mad! Today I am going to work on the gals head. Try to give her hair and a face. I have promised this chart to a lady from the board. I'm going to put her name here so I don't forget or lose her some how. LOL If anyone knows me, they know how forget full I am.((( Sandi sandraNC)))

I am so into American idol this year. This is the 1st season I have watched the show. And I LOVE it. I'm really into David Archuleta. His singing is so pure and flawless. And he's so young. I can see him making it to the top 3. Maybe even being the Idol.

On a sad note. My beaded Scissor Fob that I bought from a lady has been finally put to rest. I've had this fob for about 3 years. I left it laying on my stitching stand, my son boo got a hold of it. And, I'm sure you can guess the rest. He BROKE IT! I almost cried. But it wasn't his fault. I shouldn't have left it out. I just loved that fob. Probably will never be another one like it. It was just the right length. You will be missed fobby. You will be missed. (I'll post a picture of it later)

I have updated my sale and trade album. I spent most of yesterday adding new stash. So If you get a chance to check it out. I'd like to trade for Aida or floss. Unless you have a chart from my wish list. Or something that you think I'd like. But I really need Aida..or even weave. I'd like to try my hand at even weave. I've never tried it before. Well i see I'm rambling so I guess I'll sign off. I'll post my photo bucket link to the right.


boo boo is sick again!

I've been battling a sickness with my son for the past week. High fevers, cough, up all night unable to sleep. Yesterday he broke out in a rash. At 1st it was just a small rash. Looked like heat rash. So I just let it go. Actually forgot about it. Well when I was getting him ready for bed last night I took of his clothes and the rash was EVERY WHERE. All over his tummy, back, up his neck, and starting on his bottom. Well I freaked out. Called the 1 800 nurse line. She told me it sounded like fifth disease. After getting off the phone with her I did some Internet research and sure enough, It looks like 5th disease. So today I gotta call the doctor and see if he wants me to bring boo in.
I have finally started Gathering Eggs, A picture of it can be seen on the right. Here is a WIP after only 4 days of stitching! So far it has been a really easy stitch. I'm stitching it on a really weird Aida it is called antique beige. A lady living in Mexico City sent it to me. It takes some getting used to. If I pull my stitches to tight it looks awful but if I leave them to lose it looks lumby. I threaten to throw this piece out and start over several times.
I've been going to the gym just about every day. I love it. When I exercise I feel so much better, Energized almost. And I love the machines at this gym. You get an all over work out in a short about of time. It's great.
I had a really rough weekend at work. A lady I work with..we will call her Sally..is very upset with me. She thinks I am picking on her. (I'm a nurse aide working in a nursing home). She says I'm bossy and just plan mean to her. She even threaten to file a formal complaint against me at the police station. Now I know I'm bossy, but I am never MEAN. If I see something that needs to be done and I'm busy I'll let the other lady know. I'm just beside myself about this. I have worked at this nursing home for over 3 years. She has been in his position for 3 weeks! I really like this lady too, she does a great job of taking care of residents, and I never knew she was this upset with me. I wish she would have come to me and said something before it exploded inside of her. OK, enough of this topic or the tears will come again.
Our town is flooding. Most of the creeks are out, and the river should be with in the next 2 hours. And the rain is still falling. I'm hoping that if I have to take boo to the doctors that I can find away around the flooding. If I go out I'll take some pictures and post here.
That's all for today. Ta Ta for now