boo boo is sick again!

I've been battling a sickness with my son for the past week. High fevers, cough, up all night unable to sleep. Yesterday he broke out in a rash. At 1st it was just a small rash. Looked like heat rash. So I just let it go. Actually forgot about it. Well when I was getting him ready for bed last night I took of his clothes and the rash was EVERY WHERE. All over his tummy, back, up his neck, and starting on his bottom. Well I freaked out. Called the 1 800 nurse line. She told me it sounded like fifth disease. After getting off the phone with her I did some Internet research and sure enough, It looks like 5th disease. So today I gotta call the doctor and see if he wants me to bring boo in.
I have finally started Gathering Eggs, A picture of it can be seen on the right. Here is a WIP after only 4 days of stitching! So far it has been a really easy stitch. I'm stitching it on a really weird Aida it is called antique beige. A lady living in Mexico City sent it to me. It takes some getting used to. If I pull my stitches to tight it looks awful but if I leave them to lose it looks lumby. I threaten to throw this piece out and start over several times.
I've been going to the gym just about every day. I love it. When I exercise I feel so much better, Energized almost. And I love the machines at this gym. You get an all over work out in a short about of time. It's great.
I had a really rough weekend at work. A lady I work with..we will call her very upset with me. She thinks I am picking on her. (I'm a nurse aide working in a nursing home). She says I'm bossy and just plan mean to her. She even threaten to file a formal complaint against me at the police station. Now I know I'm bossy, but I am never MEAN. If I see something that needs to be done and I'm busy I'll let the other lady know. I'm just beside myself about this. I have worked at this nursing home for over 3 years. She has been in his position for 3 weeks! I really like this lady too, she does a great job of taking care of residents, and I never knew she was this upset with me. I wish she would have come to me and said something before it exploded inside of her. OK, enough of this topic or the tears will come again.
Our town is flooding. Most of the creeks are out, and the river should be with in the next 2 hours. And the rain is still falling. I'm hoping that if I have to take boo to the doctors that I can find away around the flooding. If I go out I'll take some pictures and post here.
That's all for today. Ta Ta for now

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