The quilt

I gave my MIL her quilt this past Tuesday. She LOVED it. She can't belive the kindness of others. That strangers would stitch her a square. I told her that the Stitchers that I know are awesome. Best group of people I have ever known. This week marks her 1 year mark. She had her cancer surgery one year ago on good friday. I told her the quilt is her..glad you are still with us, love you forever, don't scare me like that again gift. LOL I love my MIL dearly. I don't know what we would do with out her in our lifes. Thank you to all the great stitchers that stitched a square for me. My MIL's sister did the sewing of the quilt. I think she did a great job. Much better than I could have ever done. I love the framed blocks she put around each square. And the fabric is such a great pick. Thanks again to everyone that helped make this quilt happen! Now I am going to stitch up some squares for Brandon and have him one made for christmas. I think i'm going to do Cars and trucks. I just gotta find some charts that will work.

I still haven't taken a picture of my WIP of Sisters forever. I'll try to do that some time today.


~Kim~ said...

What a wonderful gift.. the gift of comfort! Your Boo and MIL look like they are giving the quilt the love it needs!


Chiloe said...

That's a beuatiful gift ;)

Here you will find some ideas:

Kim said...

That was such a thoughtful gift for your MIL. Looking forward to seeing photos of the quilt you are going to make for Boo :)