Ice storm and another ornament finish

Well the winter storm is finally over. We have been without power since last night. Finally came back on a few hours ago. It was a very very cold night. This morning we made the trip to my sisters to reclaim our kerosene heater from her. We offered to let her and the kids come to our house to stay warm. Keith, Brandon and I spent the morning laying on the couch under the covers. Me trying to stitch a little (and I do mean very little lol), Keith sleeping on and off, and Brandon....well he drove me nuts. Kept wanting the TV turned on, lights turned on, wanting to go into his room to play, but he couldn't because we had that part of the house blocked off. was a very long morning. Here are some pictures of the town and of the ice. We are still under a lvl 2. Which means don't go onto the roads unless really really necessary.

Here is my recent ornament finish. Another snowman. You will be surprised to know that the one I'm stitching now is not a snowman! Can you believe it? LOL I just need to find someone to finish them for me. If you know of anyone plz let me know. I can do it myself..but not very well.

Brandon is still throwing himself down on the floor. When will he stop this! It makes me feel like I have no control..nothing I do makes him stop. Now when he does it he has to spend 5 minutes in the time out chair..which only leads to another head banging off the floor. grrrrrrr How in the world do mothers of more than one child make it..and remain sane?? Thank goodness I knew when I had Brandon that he would be enough for me. LOL Don't get me wrong..I love him very very much, but when he is throwing his tantrums I just want to join him on the floor. Another thing he is doing is..eating off of my plate. Doesn't matter if we have the same thing to eat..he wants to eat mine. Why is this?? Why can't he just eat his own food?? Does it taste better on my plate? Oh to be two years old again.

I gotta run..want to watch the life time movie today.


Have a good one all!

new stash and a finish

Man has it been cold here lately. Last week we got down to -13 degrees! I don't remember it ever getting that cold. I had to drag myself out of bed on those cold mornings for work. Going outside to start the car was brutal! We have about 3 inches of snow and ice on the ground. I don't see it going any where soon due to the cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

I have another snowman ornament finished. I've gotten board with these snowmen. So I have started working on a different one. It's from a chart called Charming Snow Trio by Ursula Michael Design. I'm almost done with it. So soon as I finish it I'll post a picture of it.

Now onto the greatest stash. LOL I have fallen in love with Barbara Ann Designs. Her charts are so bright and color full. How come I'm just seeing them now?? I bought a few of her charts from And whats great about buying from here is that they email you the charts. So no waiting for the mail to arrive..and no extra money paid for postage. These are the 2 I bought. First one is called Lucas the love elf..I hope to stitch him on 32 count over make him into an ornament. But since I've just tackled 32 count over 2..I'm not so sure about it. LOL The second one I bought is called Warm Winter Welcome. Just look at all the bright colors! So very pretty. Anyone stitch anything by Barbara? If so I would love to see your finish.

Now some family news. My mother come down on Saturday..spent the night. Spent the night on Sunday too. We had some much needed together time. I even called off work on Monday so we could have the morning together. Not the best reason to call off work but I've missed my mother. Most of the time I filled with anger towards here but not this time. She is talking about moving closer to home. She is 3 hours a town that I NEVER go to. I miss her...not her now..but the old her. I don't think I'll ever be as close to her as we once were. But we can always try..see where it goes..but not if she is 3 hours away.
Brandon got this really great toy from his grandma Bea. Keith and I sat it up for him..he spent forever playing with it. Even the cat came out to check things out. LOL It's sorta like Lego's . You

build tunnels, drop the balls in watch them roll down. It's so much fun. You can build smalls ones, like the one we built for Brandon, or you can build one huge one! But Brandon can't reach the top of it to drop in the balls. LOL

Now for some much needed motherly advise. Brandon is having fits where when he gets mad the throws himself down on the floor..when he does this he BANGS his head off the floor. Hard! I don't' know how to stop him from doing this. He's going to bust his head open one of these times. Cause he doesn't care whats on the floor at the time..toy car, toy gun..whatever.. Any tips for me??We've tried ignoring him..tried telling him it was bad..don't' know what else to do.

Hope everyone is keeping warm. Have a great week!

another ornament finished

I have another ornament finished. Only 3 more to go. I'd probably have another near finished but I had to stop and stitch a valentine chart for an exchange I'm in. I hope my partner likes what I stitched for her. I was looking through my stash for a valentine chart to you know I have like none! I only have a few and those aren't what I would want to stitch for someone else. I might have to visit eBay some time today. LOL Anyways, as soon As i send my exchange partner her package I will post a picture of what I stitched for her. Today I am going to "finish it" Not sure how I will go about doing that. Pillow? wall hanging? Hmmm wish I had some of your all talent when it comes to this sorta thing.

Now for the best news ever! I started my news years diet. Started it on Jan. 3th. I weighed in on Saturday the 10th. I lost 8 pounds! YAaaaaaaaaY! I've been eating a lot of oatmeal, yogurt, soups and baked chicken. I walked 3 days, in the freezing cold, for about 35 minutes. I'm so happy that I lost. It feels great. Now for the others on my team, they didn't do so great. My sister and Sister in law are on my team. My sister didn't lose any and my sister in law lost 2.Which is great for them I guess but the other team lost a total of like 19 pounds! My family is doing a "biggest loser" contest. LOL It was an idea that I cooked up due to the fact that I hate dieting and exercising alone. If I have someone to help push me along I do so much better. But it seems like i'll have to do the pushing and tugging this week. My start weight was 231. I'd like to weigh 195 by summer. My goal weight is 165. That's still 10 pounds over weight but I think it's a good goal for me.

I have updated my sales album. I have all sorts of good charts in there. I even have Q-snaps with a cover for sale. I have decided that I hate q-snaps. Snaps just don't keep my fabric as tight as I like it. So I'll stick to my scroll frames. Here is the link to my album.
email me if you find something you would like to buy. Shipping is extra of course.
I guess that's it for today. Hope all is doing well.

Christmas ornaments

How did I miss posting a Happy New Years post? Where has the time gone. Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. Oh how the time flys....
I have been working on Christmas ornaments. I've decided that for the whole month of January I am going to do nothing but stitch ornaments. I only stitched 3 last year! People were very disappointed that they didn't receive an ornament from me as a Christmas gift. Here is a picture of what I'm working on right now. The only one I won't do of the 8 pictured is the 4th one on the top row. For some reason I just don't like the way he looks. Right now I am working on the 1st one. But I only have a few stitched completed so I won't share a picture of it. I never realized just how many Christmas ornament kits I have laying around here. I've got to get them stitched this year! Just Gotta. Here is a picture of the 2 I have finished. They are quick to stitch up. I'm stitching these ornaments on scrap pieces of cloth I have laying around. The linen or even weave I stitched these 2 ornaments are was fun. I don't do much stitching on anything but Aida so it was nice change of pace. I might have to order some in the near future to work a larger project on.
Not much else going on in my life right now. So in til next time. Happy stitching.