new finish, WIP, halloween,new stash....

I have a new finish. I've been taking this Halloween ornament with me to work. Stitching on it during my breaks n stuff. It didn't take long to stitch up. Today I am going to add the finishing touches on it and hang it from my Halloween tree.

I've also started stitching the Teeny witch (picture a few post down). I haven't gotten very far with her but thought I would share a picture of it. The hat has so many 1/4 stitches that I had to stitch one, mark it off with a marker, stitch another one, mark it off, just so I wouldn't screw up and have to rip the stitches out. I'm stitching her on 14 ct white Aida. I know I boring..but it's the only thing I had on hand that she would look OK on. I did have a piece of lite purple that I thought about using but it was 18 count, and I didn't want her to be that small.

I got mad at Keith the other night and placed an order on EBay for some new charts. LOL What a great way to get back at him. These are the charts I bought.

I'm not sure why I bought the angel of dreams chart, It just caught my eye. I'm not really into stitching angels, but I might stitch this for my sister for her birthday in May. And of course I couldn't pass up the ornament chart..soon I will be stitching nothing but ornaments. I usually stitch them for the ladies I work with as Christmas gifts.

We (Brandon and I) were at my sisters house the other day when she had her Halloween decoration out. Brandon found this mask in the box and would not leave it alone. So she snapped some picture of him with it on. He is soooo cute. I just have to share a picture of him with you.

Now as many of you know I usually work day shift 7am to 3 pm 4 days a week. (Fri,sat,sun and Mondays). Well today is Sunday and I'm home! I feel really weird being home, as there is nothing on the TV to bells are ringing, something I never hear, and there are kids out on the streets already. The reason for this change is starting tomorrow, (Monday) I will be working 3pm to 11pm. I will be working after noons for 2 weeks as a fill in to help out with a staffing shortage. I don't know how well I will adjust to the staying up really late. I'm used to being up at 5am every morning. The mornings are usually my "alone" time. If I like the change I can take a full time afternoon position and have every other weekend off. Plus an extra 1.50 an hour. So we will see how it works out.

I'm off to catch up on some blogs. I now have Google did I ever manage with out it! It is awesome! Only thing I can't figure out is how to comment on someones blog without having to open the blog in a new window. Is it possible to post a comment right from the reader?

Also in my next post I've gotta set up a PDF, as I am now doing 2 of them! This is going to be great fun. But that's for a later post.

Have a great Sunday all!

greatest hubby ever!

Well that might be an over statement. But he is wonderful. For my birthday ( he gave it to me a week early) he bought me an Otte floor lamp. Can you believe it! I've been wanting one of these forever. The silly man forgot to take the price sticker off and I seen how much he paid for it. ONLY 40$!! It was in the clearance aisle at walmart. Can you believe that! I think it's cheap, the other one I seen at Joann's was like 80$ Here is a picture of the lamp in the box. I used it for the first time this morning and Loved it. Anyone else have an Otte

I finished the back stitching on bath time by DMC. I just love how the back stitching brought the piece to life. I'm going to frame this myself and hang it in boo's room. His room is a catch all for my stitching. If I have no where in the house to put it, (doesn't fit my room theme) then I just hang it on his walls. He loves starring at my work for some reason. Here is a final picture of it. I still need to add my name and date to the picture. Just haven't decided where to put them.

I have a little over a week before Brandon's birthday party. I'm hoping the weather stays nice and we can have it in the back yard. I have a fenced in back yard. I think we are just going to have cake and ice cream. Nothing special, invite the family over, let the little ones play and the adults can have some conversation. I don't know yet. Have to wait and see what the paychecks are like. I worked my butt off this weekend, pulled 3 12 hour shifts, and then I went in yesterday on my day off and worked 5 hours. So I should be into over time now, hoping to do some more 12's this weekend. Thank goodness I love my job or I don't know what I'd do. Keith and I have still been fighting over the house work. I don't think I should have to do all of the cleaning if I'm working so many hours a week, he gets to sit home and do nothing but take care of Brandon. He thinks if he does the laundry he doesn't have to do anything else. Must be a man thing. LOL

I gotta get off here. Beth the help me grow lady is on her way over. I totally forgot about her coming today. I gotta get Brandon a bath before she gets here. LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you so much for the comments!

Only back stitching left..YAY!

I want to post real quick to show my WIP on "bath time". All I have left is the back stitching! YAY..
Today I was working on my Halloween ornament exchange piece and I realized that I totally screwed it up! I skipped a whole line..didn't stitch it..WHATS WRONG WITH ME!I even mark off a working copy with a marker. I've decided that I'm going to continue stitching it (it's almost done) and stitch my partner something else. i should have plenty of time to stitch something else for her. Or for once..just this once..I'll allow myself to be late on the exchange. I can't send something that I wouldn't want to receive myself.
Anyways, Wish me luck, I'm sure this weekend is going to be another weekend of hell. Long hours, and not enough sleep.

Thank god it's Tuesday!

I spent the weekend working long hours again. Not as many hours as last weekend but more hours than I care to work. I'm glad it's Tuesday and I can sit, relax and stitch. I told Keith that I wasn't going to do ANYTHING today but relax. Although I do have to be at work at 10:30 for a meeting, but that gives me a chance to hit the library afterwards.

My Mother In law was here last night. She is with out electric, won't be restored for 5 to 7 days, because of the high winds we had from the hurricane. She brought us all her fridge and freezer food. She couldn't see it all going to waste. Specking of hurricane winds...Man was it awful. I can't imagine what a real hurricane would be like. The winds were so strong that I thought for sure our house was going to be blown away. And the sounds the winds made..I'll never forget it. Sounded like a high pitch scream.

An update on Brandon sleeping...Well...I put a small TV in his room. (we don't have a radio other than our computers). We leave it on all night so he has sound and some light from it. The 1st few nights it worked great. The last 2 nights have been OK, he still screams and throws a fit but not for a long period of time. I'd say about 10 minutes. And we don't tell him it's bed time. Or tell him to go to sleep. We tell him it's time to lay and watch TV. And he does it. I hate using the TV to get him to sleep, hate the thought of him watching TV at all, but it works. And that's all I really care about. Does using the TV method make me a bad mom?

I received a magazine in the mail yesterday from Mary in WC (no blog that I know of). It is the magazine that has this witch in it. I first seen this witch on
chiloe's blog and fell in LOVE with her. Isn't she great looking. I can't wait to stitch her and will probably start her as soon as I finish my DMC Bath time. I hope I have the prefect fabric in my stash for her. And specking of Chiloe's blog. She has a GREAT blog started full of galleries to check out. Here is the link..plz take time to check it out.cross stitch gallerie .

And here is a picture of my WIP..I didn't get much stitching done this weekend due to my work hours, but I did get a lot stitched last Thursday. It's coming along nicely. I don't know why but I can't seem to get a good picture of this piece. Maybe the next picture I'll put something dark behind it. See if that helps.

For a birthday present to myself I am now a subscriber to the cross stitch magazine called Just cross stitch. I can't wait to get my 1st magazine. Keith had a fit over it because he was going to pay for the subscription for me, as a b-day gift from him, but I jumped the gun and couldn't wait. LOL Oops..sorry will have to think of something else to get me. And only 2 weeks to come up with it!

Questions about blogs????

I've been reading on a lot of blogs about people PIFing others. Some have received some amazing gifts and things. Whats all this about and how do I get into the action? I love sending others gifts and think this would be fun. But I don't see where I can join or jump in. Is it a friend only thing? How do you get someone address so you can PIF them with out them knowing?

Also..I've been reading about Google reader. What is that? I went and signed up for it but I don't understand it. Bunch of gibberish..wanting me to add links and then telling me the links aren't active.

And another thing...I want to change my back ground to a more fall look but the last time I changed it I lost everything on my side bar. Does that still happen? How do I prevent this?

Thought I would say thank you to everyone that visits my blog. I know I'm not exciting or glamorous as some other blogs and I thank everyone for taking the time to comment.

I need help!

Well I've had a busy weekend. I again worked 12 hour shifts on Fri.,Sat,Sun and 15 hours on Monday. Boy was I ready for a day off on Tuesday. I didn't do anything but lay on the couch and stitch, watch TV, and play with Brandon. It was a great relaxing day. Even rained outside make me feel like it was sitting in the house weather. LOL Thank goodness I have Tue,Wed, and Thursday off every week or I wouldn't be able to pull those long weekends. Keith actually has the house work all done, well the major stuff, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and Brandon's room picked up. So today I think I'm going to dust and shine the stair case. I haven't done that for a looong while and it's looking drab.

Last week I started watching a new show on Lifetime (my second fav channel) called Desperate house wife's. I've heard of this show before but never watched it. I am HOOKED! I love it. It's so funny and always some sorta drama going on. I ordered the entire 1st series on netflix yesterday. Keith isn't happy about that, but he will just have to get over it. Anyone else watch this show? Love it? Hate it?

Ok ladies...I need some mother advise. Brandon will be turning 2 next month. He has always slept in his bed, by him self, in his own room since he was 4 months old. We don't allow him in our bed, we have never slept with him. 5 weeks ago he started this not wanting to sleep in his bed. He lays in his room and cries, some times coming to the door and knocking on it. Well now it's a war getting him to bed each night. He screams and cries..boy does he scream, he kicks the door, bangs on it, throws his toys around in his room. Now if I walk in to the room he settles down, I'll tell him to get into bed, If I sit with him he is calm, eyes closed, but soon as I get up to walk out its war time again. Keith says we should just let him cry it out, throw his fits, (we've been doing it that way for 2 weeks now ) but it's not changing anything. So....what do I do? What can I do. I've never been a mom before and this is wearing me out. I can't stand hearing him cry and throw fits each and every night. Some times I get him to fall asleep on the couch and very gently carry him to bed, praying he doesn't wake up.LOL I've tried a night lite, leaving the door cracked, letting the kitty sleep with far nothing...

Now onto my new WIP. After stitching A day with sunshine. I thought I would start something quick and easy. WRONG LOL This little lady is full of color changes, full and half stitches. Seems like it's taking me forever to get her stitched. She is very pretty tho. Wish I would have stitched

her on darker fabric because the back ground isn't showing up all that well. Sorry for the bad pic. Here is what I looks like. The kit came with 16 count fabric, but I wanted it to be larger and switched it for 14 count .

I am on a blog called Christmas ornament exchange. Was suppose to have my ornament MONTHS ago. It seems I'm not getting it. The lady 1st said she mailed it to me but the post office returned it as no known address. The she said she mailed 6 weeks ago..haven't' seen it. So the owner of the group tells her she needs to make me another one. But I have given up on it. So sad that people can't follow through on exchanges, makes it bad for others.

Anyways, I'm off to do some stitching before the brat wakes up. LOL I'll leave you with some new pictures that I took of Brandon yesterday.

Welcome September!

Well I love September for several reasons. The number one reason is of course MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I was born on the last day of the month. September 30th. I will be 29 years old. Almost 30...I'm getting old. The second reason is fall is almost here. Fall and Spring are my favorites times of year. I love all the changes, all the colors, and the nice cool nights. The third and last reason is it is fair time here. Morgan Co. fair started yesterday. It will last in til Saturday. We will probably go tomorrow because it's kids fun day and things are cheaper. Also because I have to work 12 shifts this weekend. What is your fav time of year?

I have finished my Day with out stitching piece. I didn't get much stitching done this past weekend because of the hours I worked. But I got it finished. Here is a picture of it! And here is a picture of a picture of Brandon helping me. I want to stitch a Halloween stocking next but I have to wait in til I get some more of the purple DMC floss it calls for. Let me say that I'm going to be stitching a LOT of purple. LOL But I want to stitch it for Brandon. Maybe turn it into his trick or treat bag. Not sure yet.

Not much more to write about. Man do I live a boring life. All work and no play keeps me that way. LOL Hopefully we get to go to the fair tomorrow and have some fun.

Does anyone have either of these charts in there stash? I'd like to buy or trade for them. I found them in someone else's stash album and have fallen in love with them.