My WIP update

I thought I would post my WIP pic. I didn't get much stitching done because of the pink flower drove me mad! Today I am going to work on the gals head. Try to give her hair and a face. I have promised this chart to a lady from the board. I'm going to put her name here so I don't forget or lose her some how. LOL If anyone knows me, they know how forget full I am.((( Sandi sandraNC)))

I am so into American idol this year. This is the 1st season I have watched the show. And I LOVE it. I'm really into David Archuleta. His singing is so pure and flawless. And he's so young. I can see him making it to the top 3. Maybe even being the Idol.

On a sad note. My beaded Scissor Fob that I bought from a lady has been finally put to rest. I've had this fob for about 3 years. I left it laying on my stitching stand, my son boo got a hold of it. And, I'm sure you can guess the rest. He BROKE IT! I almost cried. But it wasn't his fault. I shouldn't have left it out. I just loved that fob. Probably will never be another one like it. It was just the right length. You will be missed fobby. You will be missed. (I'll post a picture of it later)

I have updated my sale and trade album. I spent most of yesterday adding new stash. So If you get a chance to check it out. I'd like to trade for Aida or floss. Unless you have a chart from my wish list. Or something that you think I'd like. But I really need Aida..or even weave. I'd like to try my hand at even weave. I've never tried it before. Well i see I'm rambling so I guess I'll sign off. I'll post my photo bucket link to the right.


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Kim said...

I love the new project you are working on. It is so pretty and you are making great progress. I am sorry to hear Boo is sick, I hope he feels better soon.