Saturday morning blues

Today I feel really depressed. I wish I could just stay home with boo and do nothing. I just can't seem to lose any more weight. I've cut my calories back by 200...i'm exerciseing for 35 minutes on the treadmill, plus doing the Ab lounger. Yesterday I started a dieting journal. So maybe that will help. I'd like to lose 25 pounds before summer. Not that I will ever be in a 2 peice but still would be nice. I've asked all my family and friends to help me reach this goal. If they see me eating sweets or something that I shouldn't be eating, they are suspose to take it from me and trash it. If I can get everyone to pitch in and help...Last night for dinner I ate veggie burgers for the 1st time. They weren't that bad. I mostly tasted pickles tho. LOL Since I found out that pickles are low in calories i've been eating the heck out of them.
I got some new STASH this past week. Soon as my camera gets fixed i'll post pictures of the new charts. I just wish I could stitch as fast as I used to. Just gotta wait intil boo is older.
I better get off here and get ready for work. Grrrrrr....

Just gotta share this

My sister took this picture of Brandon. I just love it. So I thought I would share it. I just wish is face was a little cleaner when she took this.

My brothers car

My brother loaned out his car to his B-I-L. Well the B-I-L totalled it. Rolled it on it's top. The cops say he was driving waaay to fast. Here is a picture of it. The drivers side doesn't even have a scratch on it! The BIL was OK, not hurt at all. This is only the third car that he has totaled in 3 years. Too bad one of these wrecked cars weren't his own car. They were all borrowed cars. Thank god he was ok. What an alful thing to have happen on christmas day.

Merry Christmas all!

Well Christmas is over. I think Boo had a really good Christmas. He received lots of toys and goodies from everyone. The thing he loves the most is a talking teddy bear that his granny Bea bought him. His second fav thing would be the simi truck and cars that his Aunt Christy bought him. Today I am going to straighten up his room and get things in order. LOL That will last all but 2 minutes. I think i'm going to put some of his toys away. That way he has something new to play with in a few weeks.
Here is a great picture of boo in his Santa outfit. Hes so cute.

Here is a couple pics of him with is toys.

Here is a pic of Keith's nephew on Christmas. Jadon is a few months older than Boo. Isn't he just so cute!!

For Christmas Keith got me the MP3 player that I have been begging for. I also got some new shirts, a journal, My MIL made me the greatest curtains for my bed room. I know I got some other awesome stuff but it's too early in the morning to think. LOL

Today I am going to start taking down some of the Christmas decoration. I'm going to leave up some of the winter stuff tho. I just gotta de-clutter the living room. I feel like there is stuff every where. Guess I'll end this boring post with a picture of Keith, boo and I.

christmas gift from cherly A.

I received a christmas package from my best pal yesterday. Cheryl A. and I have been friends for like 6 years. And every christmas we send each other a speical package. She sent me the most amazeing ornament this year. I wish I had her talent. She also sent me a magazine that has a chart of a snowman in it. I'm going to stitch it for my welcome hallway that I've been trying to put together. As soon as I get logans stocking stitched up, I think i'm going to start working on it. ((I have so many projects I want to get started in the new year)). She also sent to me a Snowman towel that I just love. I have it hanging in my kitchen. She sent me 2 non-stitched ornaemnts that I have hung on my tree. I love the mitten ornament and might hang it on my mitten dryer snowman. (picture of it should be in the slideshow).

WIP..It's been 1 week

I've been stitching on Logan's stocking for one whole week. I think it's coming along alright. I spent a good 2 hours on it last night. Keith took boo with him to Walmart. I had the house to myself. That's a first in over a year. Here is a picture of it.

this is what It will look like when finished. If anyone is interested in trading for this chart(when I'm done stitching it) plz let me know.

My new Stash

I just ordered these charts from Joann!(123 stitch). 2 of them are christmas presents for my sister and the other 2 are mine. (((BE Merrry and Christmas accents are mine)))

I can't wait to get them and add them to my christmas folder. I have TONS of christmas stitching to do. If only I could get these stockings stitched up and start stitch for myself!!! GRRRR.

My WIP..logans stocking

Here is a picture of my WIP. I'm stitching this stocking for my nephew. I have 4 stocking kits and let him pick the one he wanted me to do.

Let it snow!!

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed! We got about 4 inches on it on the ground. I took boo out to play in it. He HATED it. lol Soon as his hands touched the cold wet snow he started to cry. I tried to get him to make a snow angel but he wasn't haveing any of it.

o christmas tree

I wanted to share a few pictures of my tree. My "husband" puts up the tree and usually puts the lights on for me. The rest is up to me. This year my tree looks overly filled. (is overly a word? lol). The reason for that is because I couldn't get to the back of the tree. So it is totally empty. Can you see all the cross stitched ornaments! I have so many now. I wanted to decorate my tree in just home made ornaments. I would say in a few years that wish will come true. Anyways, here's some pics.