Where has April gone? The month has flown by. I can't believe it will be May soon..and soon after that hot..humid weather. I dread it. I don't do well in the heat. I have been spending most of our afternoons out side with Brandon. Before it gets too hot to be out side. I have been stitching very little.I hate taking my stitching out side. Scared it will get dirty. Here is a picture of it tho. My WIP hoping soon I will have it stitched and finished. Click on it for a bigger view. I really enjoy stitching this. Love all the great colors. I can't wait to start adding the beads.

I received the above and beyond award this month at work. I received a bag with our mission statement on it. I was very surprised to receive this award. I was rewarded this bag for the following reasons..takes initiative to follow through with her job,supportive of change,very positive approach to problem solving, and planned activities at home and brought to work for the residents to enjoy. How great is that? lol

We had a great Easter, spent Easter with my family here. Had a large dinner with the family and then took the kids out side for an Easter egg hunt. Of course the older kids found all the eggs leaving the smaller kids with nothing. Next year we've got to figure out a different way of doing things. We have kids from age 12 down to age 1. I hate to break them up in small groups, maybe have a big kid help a smaller kid? Or give them each 1 minute to find eggs..starting with the smaller kids 1st? I dunno..anyone have any ideas on this?We didn't buy Brandon much for Easter. He has so many toys now, and with yard sale season upon us..we didn't see the need. We don't allow him to have much candy, but I did buy him a small basket of stuff.

I hung a bird feeder in my back yard. Trying to bring finch birds to the yard. After a week of hanging back there and nothing..No birds at all. I woke up the other morning and found this eating from the feeder. Isn't it beautiful!!! I love watching this little bird eat.

The weather has been so nice here the last few days. High 80's. Today it is suppose to be 77 degrees but with rain. Of course the my day off it rains..it rained last week on my days off. grrrr

I've been doing alright on my diet. Still at 208 tho. I'd like to lose enough weight so I can fit into my shorts soon. I'm not buying new shorts..I'll either lose the weight or suffer in jeans. LOL What a great way to keep me motivated.

Anyways, I gotta go. Going to get my housed cleaned up today so I can relax the rest of the week.

Before I go tho here is a picture of my husband,son and me. Of course I couldn't get Brandon to sit still. He was wanting down to finish (drinking) blowing his bubbles. LOL

under attack...ack!!

A few days ago I was in my laundry room putting the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I noticed there was a wasp flying around the room. I sprinted to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing I saw to kill it...a bottle of mean Green(used to clean counter tops and floors). I went back to the laundry room and saw there were 3! wasps flying around. So I took aim and sprayed them with the mean green. When I saw the wasps were weakened I saw my next plan of attack across the room..the broom. Well...I started for the broom..and slipped in the mean green fell onto my knees and did a split. I was in awful pain..couldn't move..thought I broke something in my knee. But I was still under attack ..the wasps were now back on the move..and pissed. So I crawled..sorta of..to the phone and called my sister to come help me. I wasn't able to stand up..my inner thigh muscles hurt sooooo bad. She came and helped me..first my killing the wasps and then by getting me to my feet. Needless to say I am terrified of bees.I have no idea why I have this fear. I'm not allergic to them. But I freeze up and get all squeamish when I see one. Anyways, my knees are fine..other than bruising. I hurt for a few days, had a heck of a time walking. lol But now I get a good laugh when I tell this story.

I haven't gotten much more stitching done on my touching the sky piece. I spent one day frogging it..I was one over too far. I hate when that happens. I am so glad I stitched this on linen. The stitches look so neat and fresh. You can't really tell but it is stitched on a lite blue fabric.

Today I have to get my house cleaned top to bottom. I am having a party lite/candle party today. Party lite has such nice things but way to expensive for me. I'm having this party to see if I can sell enough things to get the candle tree I want. Gotta sell 150$ worth of stuff.

Brandon is in a new phase. Now when he gets into trouble..he wants a hug. You can be in the middle of telling him not to do something and he will hold out his little hands and say "hug mommy..hug". He hugs me probably about 50 times a day..cause he's not only wanting a hug when he's in trouble..it's all the time. If I ask him to pick up his toys, tell him dinner is ready, if I get up to go to the bathroom, all the time!! But at least he's not banging his head on the floor.

We have started potty training..but it's not working. The first few times were fun..and he sat on the little potty chair. But now it's a fight...he says "it's broke mommy, it's broke." talking bout his pee pee. I've tried offering him a sucker if he pees in the potty. But that isn't working. Keith seems to think it's too early for potty training. At what age did you potty train your little boy? Brandon just turned 2 1/2 a few days ago. I'm going to do some Internet searching today see what the experts say.

I have been sticking to my diet fairly well. I've had a few set backs with the hurt knee and the weather. One day it was 70 degrees out side with sunshine., the next it was snowing!! I couldn't believe it. Crazy weather.

But I'm off to do a little stitching before Brandon gets up. Hugs and have a great day.