Here is a picture of my WIP this week. Today I am going to go back and do the back stitching. There isn't much back stitching on this peice. So I thought if I did it now when i'm done i'm done. Except for adding the beads. A lady from 123 stitch is sending me the beads that I need for this. People from 123 stitch message board are the greatest.

Today I weighed in at 188 pounds! I finally got benith 190. I have been going to the gym atleast 4 days a week. And eating right..eating blah blah blah foods. LOL It suspose to be nice out today so I might take Boo boo for a stroll around town. Most of the snow has melted. We had a horrid snow storm this past week. Here is a few pictures of the street.
We got a lot more than this picture is showing, I just forgot to take pictures of it. Now we are worried about flooding. The river is up so very high already. So once all this snow melts we might be in trouble. ((not me of course, I live up a hill and about a mile from the river))
I gotta run tho, boo boo just fell out of bed


Kim said...

You are making really good progress on your project. Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing great!

Chiloe said...

Why your blog is NOT in my google reader ? don't understand ... Now I'm sure it is ;)

I love your WIP !!! Too bad it's already reserved :(( (do you see the tears? )

If you worry for your son's not talking you can always get a referral for a testing from early childhood intervention but I don't think he's late (a lot of boys are lasy talkers because they are more physical - grils talks alllllllll the time ! :rolleyes: lol )

Are you sure silkweaver didn't do a mistake? Check you e mail from your order ;)

I'll be back !!!!!!!!!

Chiloe said...

BTW: stop smoking ! YOu go to the gym (lucky you) you don't need that anymore to control your weight and stress ;-)