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I feel like crap. Woke up on Sunday feeling very tired, sore throat,and my head feels like it is stuffed full of cotton balls. I went to work in a very foul mood. And working in a nursing home isn't the place for someone in a mood like this. I got through the day tho, came home and slept on the couch. (tried to sleep on the couch, Brandon didn't like the idea). Woke up Monday morning, got dressed for work..and I just couldn't get myself to go. So I called off. I HATE calling off. But I feel so drain of energy. Working 4 days a week, taking care of a 2 year old, taking care of ALL the house chores, trying to diet and exercise has really taken a toll on me. I feel as if I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I just can't take it much more. I just want to lay down and sleep and sleep and sleep. I'm tired...and being sick doesn't help matter much. Today I have decided that I will get my walking and exercising done as soon as Keith is off to work. And then I'm going to spend the day on the couch with Brandon watching cartoons. Heck with the house chores..but..I won't be able to lay around knowing things need done. So I will probably not lay around all day. I feel something wrong with me? Why can't I just forget what needs to be done and do what I want to do? Anyways..enough depressing talk.

I have been working on Touching the autumn sky. I love the colors in this piece. So pretty, kind of reminds me of fall. I think i will take a break from it today and stitch something small. I don't know what yet..but something cute and springish.

If anyone has any linen/even weave they would like to sell plz email me with prices. I could really use white,cream,ivory, or lite blue.

I have this piece of Aida in my stash. I've had it a really long time. I do believe it is silk weavers. You can't really tell in the picture but it has sparkles in it. Very pretty. But what do i stitch on it? I have no clue what would look good on this fabric. I was thinking maybe flowers but i just don't know. Any opinions would be great.

Hope everyone has a great day.

my boo boo is sick

Took Brandon to the doctors yesterday. He has ear infection and upper respiratory infection. So the doctor gave me 2 different cough medicines to give him. One for the day time and one for night time. He also gave me an antibiotics but doesn't want me to start him on it unless he's no better by Sunday. I don't understand why he would want me to wait..but I'm not a doctor. lol

I need some help with my blog. See on the right..where I have a picture posted and it says I love Sig country. I want people to be able to click on that picture and be taken to Sig country's web site. I have fooled around with HTML codes for 2 days and have not figured it out. Can anyone help me out? Sig country is where I get all my blog candy, pictures with my names and my headers for my blog. I just love them there. And it's free! Here is the link in case anyone wants to check it out. You do have to sign up tho. IT's a message board.

Today I am going to spend most of the day cleaning. Spring cleaning..getting rid of junk that we don't need any more. And I'm going to finish washing down walls. So think of me when you are sitting and stitching the day away.

green thumb

I weighed in this week at 209! I am so close to my goal that I can almost taste it! I've been drinking slim fast and eating protein and fiber bars. You wouldn't believe how full you feel when eating these bars.I've also been doing a lot of walking, I try to walk 45 minutes every day, but I do good to get in 30 minutes of walking. I'm glad the weather is staying nice, I put Brandon in the walker and away we go. He loves it almost as much as I do. I've also been weight training 3 times a week. I LOVE my new weight set. I'm hoping to reach my goal weight by may. Fingers crossed!!

I've decided to try my hand at house plants again. I used to have many many plants in my home. But when Brandon came along I was scared we would try to eat them so I gave all of them away. Also I couldn't keep my cat out of the plants. She would lay them them..flatten them out, break the steams. I finally got sick of trying to keep her away from them. But now I have a new idea..hanging baskets. LOL Worth a try I guess. Here is a picture of my Jade plant. A friend of mine gave this to me. Isn't it awesome!(click for bigger picture)

Here is a picture of my WIP. It's called Touching the autumn sky. Very very pretty.

Today I gotta take Brandon to the

doctors. He has been sick all weekend. Started with a fever but now he is coughing and has a runny nose. I know it's probably just his spring allergies but I want to get him checked out anyway. Strep throat has been going around and I want to make sure it isn't that. I have to be at the doctors at 8:40. I will post an update when I return home.

Is it spring yet??

Oh my. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted. Whats up with that? Well I've been very busy around here. With the warm weather I have been taking Brandon out side to play most evenings. He loves being out side. And I love the warm but not so hot you can't move weather. So this is the perfect time of year for me. Having Brandon out side is so exciting. He is in the stage of asking "whats that"? So we walk around the yard , him asking the question and me telling him what this and that is. And he love to touch everything! He even picked up the neighbors dogs poop and brought it to me, asking "whats that"? It was soooo gross. Another thing that amazed me was the day we found a frog in the yard. We played with that poor frog for at least an hour. I had to finally hide the frog so Brandon couldn't find it. I'm sure the frog was glad to hop away from our yard. LOL

I've been doing really well on my diet. All though I've not lost any more weight. I go from 15 to 17..sometimes I hit 19. But I feel grrrrrrrreat. I have energy to play with Brandon, to get my shift at work in and I sleep so much better. Specking of exercise I have a new "toy". It's called The wave, by the firm. It is so awesome. Keith bought it for me after I saw it on TV. I've had it a week and can already feel the muscles in my stomach tighten. I'd post a picture of it but I'm too lazy to search the web for one. LOL

I haven't been stitching much lately. Work and playing out side doesn't give me much stitching time. I am working on touching the autumn sky by MIRABILLA. I am stitching it on 28 ct lite blue linen. I think i have fallen in love with linen. Makes everything look so .....neat. LOL I have more of this done, worked on it last night while watching a movie but didn't take a picture of it. Wish I could fine more charts of little boys to stitch.
I gotta run. Brandon is wanting his dinner. Hope everyone is doing well. HUGS!!