Family of love....

I have fallen of the wagon. And the wagon is looong gone. I've started smoking again. I had a really stress full week and stole one of my sisters cigs. Well...that's all it took. Now I'm hooked again. I spent 2 weeks sneaking around so my hubby Keith didn't find out and kill me. I told him Saturday night that I was smoking. We spent the night in silence as he wouldn't talk to me. But he's over it now. I like to smoke. I know that sounds awful, but it relieves so much stress and it helps me not eat as much. I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 months. And that brings me to my next subject. I joined a gym!! It's sorta like curves but it's called Boots. Whats really neat is it's open 24/7. They give all the members a key, so we can come and go as we please. And the machines are so awesome. I went yesterday after work for the 1st time and only didn't 20 minutes because I was rushed for time. But today I'm going to go and do the whole work out. I can't wait. I'd like to lose 25 more pounds before summer gets here.

Keith and I went to his moms on Thursday and spent the night. We had a great time. I just love his mother so much. She is the greatest person ever. So unlike my mother. If everyone had a mom like her the world would be a better place. Here is a picture of us. Thats me on the couch trying not to smile. LOL on the floor is Keiths sister Christy, she is holding her son Jadon. My hubby keith, Keith is holding boo boo and then Keiths mom Bea. Aren't we a great looking family.

I received new stash yesterday. I recived The gift. Here is a picture of it. It is going towards the top of my To do pile. My sister on this chart on Ebay and is willing to share it with me. She paid 10$$ for this chart. So of course it has to be stitched. LOL I've never stitched anything by Lanarte. But it looks like an easy stitch. I also received a Shep bush chart yesterday. But I can't seem to find an picture of it. So a name will have to do. It is called Witches moon. It even came with the witch button.

I think thats all I have to share with you today. Boo Boo has 2 black eyes. One he got while at the baby sisters on Thursday and the other one he got at MIL's house. He hasn't mastered the skill of walking yet. He wants to walk with out seeing whats in front of him. Hopefully soon he will quit falling about. I feel like going and getting him a helment to protect him. LOL I can here peopole talking about it now.
I guess Ta Ta for now.

I am so disappointed in my self. I sat down and ate a whole box of girl scout cookies (the mint ones) last night. Man were they good. Thank goodness Keith is hiding the other 2 boxes for him self. After I ate them I yelled at Keith for letting me eat them. He said..everyone has to have cookies every now and again. Yeah..but NOT A WHOLE BOX! So today I won't allow myself any thing sweet. NOTHING! *plz lord help me, for I feel like going on a cookie search lol*

I thought I would post a WIP picture of what I'm working on now. This is stitching up so quick and easy. If I get to spend about an hour on it today I might get it done. That would be great.
I also got 2 new charts in the mail last week. Halloween charts. They were sent to me by Vickie M. I love Halloween charts, but I have yet to start one. I might do that after my L&L chart. Soon I gotta get started on my niece's stocking. I promised to make all of my sister kids a stocking.
Another thing I got in the mail recently is my silk weavers fabric. I thought I ordered linen but I received Aida. So I don't know what I'm going to do now. Maybe if someone would trade me that would be great. If not I'll just stitch the L&L on the Aida.
Today Keith and I are going to the big city to see his mother. So I hope to go to Joann's and get some floss. (It's on sale 5 for 1$). It's not like I need any more floss but it doesn't hurt to have extras laying about.
Keith's friends that are pregnant with twins are going to do the baby's rooms in Noah ark baby animals. So I'm on the search for anything to stitch for them. I'd like to stitch both baby's an announcements and maybe a couple bibs. I'll have to see what I can find. I don't have ANY Noah arks charts.
I still can't get the spell checker to work here. I've been going to gmail, cutting and pasting everything to check my spelling. Lord what a hassle that is. Anyways, ta ta for now.


My concerns for my 16 month old son is growing with each passing week. He's almost 17 months old and he still doesn't talk. He says daddy a lot. Sometimes he will say Mam ma and bye bye. But that's it! He will point to things and grunt. But he won't even attempt to say anything. He knows what things are, cause when I say..go get your blanket or Binky he goes and gets them. Or if I say lets eat, go to your chair, get a drink from your sippie he understands. He just doesn't SAY anything. I so want him to talk. Even if it's to say ball..or no..or sleepy. SOMETHING! Someone tell me I'm crazy and that's this is normal. PLZ! This week I'M going to teach him what a ball, truck and a hammer is. (a toy hammer, he has several of them). Today I picked up a small plastic step stool. Maybe he can learn to use it to get up on the couch. That would solve a lot of his frustration

Keith and I watch the best movie last night. It was called 1408.It is based on the short story by Stephen King and starring John Cusack as a horror novelist who tries to stay more than an hour in a hotel room. Man is it a nail bitting..on the edge of your seat movie. (it's a horror movie of course). I recommend it to anyone who is a horror movie fan.
I placed an order with silk weavers yesterday. I cant wait to get my new fabric so I can start my new project. I'm going to do L&L Enchanted alphabet. I've always wanted to stitch this and have been putting it off and putting it off. Well I'm going to take the plunge and do it! Wish me luck. First i gotta get my WIP stitched. I haven't stitched on it for a few nights due to watching movies with Keith. I gotta go tho, Boo needs to be gotten up from his nap. He hasn't been sleeping well at nights so I haven't been giving him long naps during the day.
Til next time


another finish!

I can't belive I have yet another finish to share this month. This one is called button heart samplers by Homespun elegance. I changed just about everything about the chart to suit what I wanted. I used dyed floss and didn't add any buttons. The picture on the left is the one I stitched. And the picture on the right is what it was suspose to look like. This chart is for trade if anyone would like to have it. Plz email me at I'm looking for another quick Valentine chart to stitch. But am open to just about anything.
Right now I am working on this really cute 4th of july chart. It's a beehive and will look great next to my other 4th of july finish.

odds and ends

I have fallen in love with 2 new HEAD (heaven and earth designs). I so gotta save up my spending money for a few weeks and get at least one of them. Here is one called Winter spell. I just love her. I wonder if the back ground is stitched or if it's the hand dyed fabric. If it is fabric wonder how much that would cost.
I spent all morning looking at the newNashville cross stitch releases. There are a bunch that I just have to have. But I have enough charts to stitch right now. *trying to talk myself out of buying more stash*
School is closed again today. Think this is like the 7th day of closed school this year. That means they will have to make up 2 days this summer. Or do Saturday school like they did last year. We have probably 3 inches of snow on the ground and as of 7am it's sill coming down. I think I might call the nieces and nephew and see if they want to go sleigh riding today. Boo won't be able to go, he's still sick. I feel like that boy is ALWAYS sick. I went to work yesterday on my day off for 4 hours. And then the Supervisor just called me and asked me if I would come in again today. I told her I couldn't. I gotta let my ankle get some rest. It hurt so bad last night when I tried to fall sleep. Anyways, I gotta run. I want to get some stitching done before Boo gets up.
I hope to post a Finish today! I'm so close to being done.
OHHHH! I almost forgot. Keith's friend Arron called yesterday. He's the one with the pregnant wife. They are going to have TWINS! ***He has twin brothers** I'm going to call her today and see what she thinks of it. And try to find out what she is going to decorate the baby's room in so I can begin stitching things for her/them.

Jammer boxes

Brandon finally went down for a nap. He has been so sick the last 3 days. He's ran really high temps. Highest was last night it reached 104.3. I have him some tynol and a cool bath and it brought it down. I had him to the doctors on Tuesday. Said he had a viral cold and there wasn't anything they could give him for it. Just had to let it run its course. Good thing I took this week off of work. Ive been home to look after him.

Here is a picture of my Jammer box. I hated it. IT looked so messie and sloppie. So I decided to rewind all of my floss onto the plastic DMC bobbins. OMG..IT looks sooo much better. I'll let you be the judge.

Now here is apicture after I put all the floss onto DMC bobbins and used DMC lables. I couldn't belive the difference.
Suspose i should write here of my accendent that I had this week. I went to step over the baby gate and steped over it onto one of boo's toys. My foot went side ways and I heard an alful snap. Thank goodness Keith was there to catch me or I would have fallen flat on my face. My ankle hurt sooo bad that I had my SIL take me to the ER. They said it wasn't broken, just sprained. I have to wear a splint. Those baby gates are going to be the death of me.
Also, Keith and I bought Boo a new bed. We got him a toddlers bed. (Car's theme). He's slept in it for 2 nights now. No problems. He even takes a nap it in better than he did his crib. I hope after he gets better we don't have problems.
Well for some reason I can't get spell checker to work. So this post will probably be full of missed spelled words. Sorry all. ((Like I get a lot of readers here LOL)

snowman finished!

I finally finished back stitching the snowman my sister stitched. He is so cute. I'm thinking of putting him in a frame but I'm leaning towards a cute wall hanging. I got some really awesome fabric left over from christmas. Here is a picture of him

Well I have more to write about but Brandon isn't going to let me sit here any longer. He has been so sick the past few days. He spiked a 104.2 temp last night. I'll write more laters. I want to show you my jammer box and my WIP. Ta Ta for now.

I have new finishes!

I finished 2 things this past week. Here is a picture of my ornament finish. He is called Chilly's gift. He is from the 2007 designer freebie packet. From Stitchy kitty. I tried to finish him as a cubeish tybe of ornament. I think it turned out ok. Not perfect..but nothing ever is in life. I'm not real sure why the designer picked such pinkish colors for a christmas ornament. If I ever stitch him again I think i'll change a LOT of the colors to suit christmas better.

And "drum roll plz" here is my other finish! It is called Love you by 4 my boys. I do belive it is suspose to be a kit but a very nice lady sent me just the chart. (I just love the ladies from 123 stitch MB). Anyways, this only took me 2 days to stitch up. The hardest thing was the heart, keeping on track so I didn't mess up and have to frog was a pain. I'm not sure how i'm going to finish this. Was thinking of turning it into a wall hanging. Have to see how talented I become today. LOL

my project now is to finish the back stitching on one of my sisters many projects. She stitched a snowman and WOULDN'T finish him! So I stole him from her and told her she wasn't getting him back. LOL So now I've got to add the back stitching. He's very cute, says let it snow on it. After I finish him i'm going to start a sampler. I have never done a sampler type chart before so this will be my 1st. I promised myself i'd try new things this year. Samplers being one of them.

Keith and I spent this past weekend at his friends Arrons house. We had a great time. Only thing i can complain about is it was so COLD! They are trying not to use much heat due to the cost of fuel but lord did my toes freeze. LOL I dont' think we will be staying there again intil spring..maybe even summer. We played the game clue..guess who won both games! ME! Both was so fun.

I gotta get off here and get boo up. We are going to Toy R US today to get him a toddler bed. I think he is getting too old for his crib. Although i'm not sure of the age one stops sleeping in a crib.