Sister's forever

My sister kept Boo boo all night on Friday night. So I took the free time to work on Sister's forever. And guess what! I finished it tonight. I can't believe it only took me like 2 weeks to stitch. Here it is..finished.

Sister's forever

Stitched for my sister's birthday.

From the magazine Just cross stitch Feb 2003

Chart is available for trade.

I've also stitched up an ornament for my niece. I'm going to try and stitch an ornament a month for my family. As soon as I do the finishing on the ornament I'll post a picture of it. I even added the beads!! I HATE adding beads. It's such a chore and stitching shouldn't be a chore.

In other news..I got my hair cut off. I got about...8 inches cut off. It was down pass my shoulders and now it is way way above it. Keith isn't very happy about it. He has never known me to have short hair. What he doesn't know is I've always had short hair, in til I knew him. I had just let it grow out when I met him. And he always seemed to like it. Well..summer is coming and running after a kid in the heat isn't going to be fun. So I got it cut.

I took boo out side to enjoy the spring weather. We had a great time. We played ball and chased the neighbors cat. He falls down a lot, like all the time. Hits his face on the ground. His head looks awful. People will think i beat him. LOL He's getting so big. Soon he will be 18 months old. Where did my baby go??

I was wondering if anyone has this chart for sale or trade? It comes as a kit but I only want the chart. I'd like to stitch it for Keith's best friend. She is pregnant with twins. And is doing the room in Noah ark.


Chiloe said...

What a beautiful piece !!! If I had a sister I'll trade it but I have only a brother and 1 daughter and sons !!! lol I love the letters with the flowers ! I'm sure your sis is going to love it ;)

Stitchingranny said...

Like Chiloe, I only have a brother but if I had a sister I would want this it is beautiful and your sister will be thrilled with it.

Kim said...

Beautiful finish, I am sure your sister will love it. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your ornament finish.

As for Boo, don't blink your eyes! Time passes so fast and before you know it he will be in school. My son will turn 14 this year and I swear it was just yesterday, he was in kindergarten....LOL!

Johanna said...

So beautiful!! I am sure your sister loved/will love it!

Joana said...

I would love to stitch that for my sister!
Were did you find that chart?