Welcome Victoria and Ava!!

The twins were born last week. Keith and I had the chance yesterday to make the long trip to see them. They are so cute! I've never seen baby twins before. They did look so much a like, the only way I could tell them apart was weight. Ava is smaller than Victoria. The mom, Candice, wasn't really up to visitors, I wished we would have waited another week or 2 before we went to see them but Keith just couldn't wait. LOL Here are some pictures of the babies. I hope I don't get them mixed up and call them by the wrong name. The baby that I am holding in the yellow is Ava, The naked baby is Victoria. She hadn't had her bath yet and wasn't dressed.

I haven't done much stitching this pass weekend. I worked a LOT of hours and when I got home from work it's all I could do to shower and climb in bed. LOL I hope I can get a lot of stitching done today. It's raining out side so would be a great day to sit and stitch. Lets see if Brandon will let me. Here is an up date picture of my progress

I wanted to share something with you, When we were visiting the twins I got a chance to look at there bed room. A friend of the family had done some free hand painting on the walls. I LOVE it. I can't believe that someone did it by hand. Here are some pictures of the room. Aren't the walls lovely! I wish I had a friend that could paint something like that on Brandon's wall.

Thanks to everyone that comments on my blog. I love reading what everyone has to say.

Back to school

Yesterday was back to school for the kids. My nieces came up so I could see them in there new out fits. Well they really came up so the could sit on my porch and watch for the bus. LOL They looked really nice in there new clothes, and new shoes. I didn't care for there pick of boo bags this year but I'm just the Aunt. The tallest one is Karissa, she isn't happy about going back to school, she got used to the staying up all night and sleeping all day. The middle child is Rachael is is very excited to be going back, she can't wait to see her old friends and meet her new teacher. The girl in pink is Ashley, she is the child with ADHD, she is just excited..period. LOL She is so full of energy all the time, bouncing around like a ball.

I have worked soooo many extra hours this weekend. I might as well just found a bed at the nursing home and slept until my next shift. LOL With Keith not working I gotta pick up at least 2 extra shifts a week. I'm not sure how long I can do it but I know it won't be long. My back and legs are killing me! I got used to working only 4 days a week, and I love having my 3 days off in a row.

I do have some more stitching to show you. I've been doing a little here and a little there. I love how it is turning out. Here is a picture I just took to share. I noticed the other day that this piece doesn't have any back stitching. So once I'm done that's it! I love to back stitch tho. Anyone else like to back stitch? I think the back stitching gives it a great pop in look.

Anyways, I've neglected my house hold duties while working so much this weekend, so today will be spent cleaning and doing laundry. I might even make Keith help me rearrange the living room. He HATES when I do that. LOL

Happy stitching and happy day!

Should I change the verse?

I've been so sick. This past weekend, Friday, I started to feel awful. Got off work early and went to the doctors, I have ear infection and strep throat. I was running a fever, felt weak all over, throat hurt something awful. I had to call off work Sat. and Sun. I did go to work on Monday but I probably shouldn't have. Keith also got sick. He was worse off than me, at least he played it off like he was. Didn't get out of bed for 2 days. So guess who had to look after Brandon. ME! Keith didn't even bother to get up to help me out. Men are so wimpy when they are sick. LOL

I did get a lot of stitching done over the weekend tho. I couldn't do much else but lay on the couch. So I stitched. Here is a picture of my WIP. It may not look like i've gotten much done, but that right border took me forever! So many color changes, I could have skipped ..or traveled..but I was worried my thread would show. So I had to stitch a few stitches, tie off, re thread needle, stitch a few..ect..I've been thinking about removing the wording and stitching Home is where the heart is..or something like that. I haven't decided tho.

I bought some Even weave fabric from a 123 MB lady last week. I received it the other day. She even sent me some 32Ct. Even weave to try. I have only stitched on 28 count. I
can't wait to stitching something on it. I'd like to find a bright and colorful flower chart to stitch. Something like flower power but not as large. Here is a picture of what she sent me Isn't it pretty!

Other than my illness and my stitching I haven't been doing much. I did read the VC Andrews book that I wrote about in my last post. It was a grrrreat book. I am now on the Third book in that series. It's not as great as the first but I'm still reading along. I usually read a few chapters before bed. It's so relaxing to lay in bed with a book before falling asleep. I used to do cross word puzzles before going to sleep. But that took too much thought. LOL

Soon it will be my Birthday, (Sept 30th). I'll be 29 years old. I can't believe I'll be one year from 30. I don't feel like I should be turning 29. Man has the years flown by. Anyways, I'm off to sort the laundry and start cleaning up the kitchen. I cleaned out the fridge yesterday, washed it down, couldn't believe how dirty it was inside. How did it get so dirty? We put food in and take food out? Where did all the stains and dirt come from? I'm still amazed at it. Today I will tackle the stove. I think.LOL

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the comments. Happy stitching and Happy day!

hooked on reading

Carla, I am now able to view your blog again. I'm not sure what was going on before. I'm just glad it's fixed.
I haven't been stitching much lately. I've been reading. I went to my MIL's last week. And guess what..forgot my needle! So I was Bord..went looking through her book shelf and found a book to read. It was called Gal, and was based on a true story. It was so good that i finished it in 2 days. That book gave me the reading bug. I used to read like crazy when I was younger, before I fell in love with stitching. This past weekend I went and checked out some V.C. Andrews books. Man do I love her writing style. And I really love that the books are in a series. I just finished the Broken wing series. I am waiting for the book called Celeste to be at the library so I can start the Gemini series. Anyone else like to read V.C. Andrews books? Whats your fav author or book?

I do have a new project started. And boy do I love the colors in it. It is called A Day with out stitching by Imaginating. I don't' know why this chart called to me when I was looking for something to stitch. It just did. I'm wanting to stitch a Halloween stocking but I need a large piece of 14 count black Aida. I know I know..all that complaining I did about black Aida and I want to do antoher project on it. I think this Halloween stocking will look awesome on it. So if anyone has any black Aida for sale, plz let me know. Here is a picture of what my project will look like when finished and of how much I got done so far.
My Aunt-in-law has made me the best gift ever! She has made me a stitching tote bag. I just love it. I asked her to make me just a plan bag to carry my stitching in. And she out did her self! Look at it, I love all the colors in it and she sewed on the butterfly's. God I wish I had her talent. She is the best! Thank you Franny! And I thought that I would share a picture of you of my 3 stitched and framed girls. One is called Tender gaze, the middle one is called Daisy girl and of course my newest framed piece is gathering eggs. I need to stitch a few little boys to hang up there as well. But so far I haven't' found a boy chart that has called my name. I might stitch the gift by Lanarte. But haven't' decided yet.

Poof Hat is finished!

I forgot yet again to add something to my post. So i'm editing this post. Carla, you have posted comments to several of my post, but when I try to go to your blog, it says I don't have access and that I have been blocked. Pls unblock me, or give me access or something so I can visit your blog if you have one. I don't understand whats going on. But it's only with your blog that I have the trouble. LOL Sorry to be such a pain....

I finished poof hat last night. I'm so glad to have it finished. Stitching on black is a big pain in the you know where. But I do like how it turned out. I had to change a few things, like the big black spider on the left, changed it to grey so it would show up. Not sure if there are grey spiders in the world or not..but I thought it looked OK.

Brandon got his first hair cut last night. It wasn't very long but it was so uneven. He did very well. Sat still through it all in til the end, when she had to do the back of his kneck. He can't stand for his kneck to be touched. Here's a few pics of him.

I have been nominated for the Brillante Weblog award by kim. I am so honored that she picked me! I never won an award before. Thank you so very much Kim.
Now I'm suspose to nominate 7 other bloggers to pass the award onto. But I can't choose! So instead anyone that is posted to the right on my blog list is nominated! I know i'm breaking the rules..but thats just my way. Rules are made to be broken. Here are the rules of the award.
1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
Now i'm off to figure out what my next project is going to be. I have so many charts to choose from but not a lot of fabric to stitch on. Wish I had a huge fabric stash like some of the ladies I know. But fabric is sooo expensive. I was going to order some this week but with keith not working now I just can't spend the money on it. I'll have to wait intil September and order it for my birthday present. LOL Thanks for all the comments left on my last post! I had 8 of them! I think thats the most I have ever had. Thank you all so very much
Happy stitching!