WIP, and my back yard

I spent most of yesterday stitching. Brandon was in such a great mood, played in his room by himself. He must have known that mommy needed some stitching time. Here is a picture of my WIP. I talked to Candice this past week. She is pregnect with twins girls. So I changed the blue border to pink. Thought it would suit a girl better.

I'd like to share a picture of the tree thats in my back yard. I love this tree. It's always so pretty and different with every changing season. Right now it is full of flowers. And the flowers smell so good! If anyone knows the name of this tree plz let me know.

Brandon has a black eye. He tripped and fell down the step out side. His face looks awful. I swear people probably thing I beat him. He always has bruses on his face from falling or running into things. Boy lil guy.

Today I am going to spend the day cleaning. Oh what fun. This house is a disaster. And the laundry..piles and piles of it. Guess going on a laundry strike last week wasn't such a good idea. LOL It did get my husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and not on the floor. One step closer I guess. Why do men have to be slobs! Grrrr...

pictures of puppy and bird

Here's buddy. Isn't he so cute! I never knew house breaking a dog was so much work! Grrrrr

And here are some pictures of the bird living in the tree in our back yard. I wish I knew what type of bird she is. She is very timid and fly away as soon as we enter the back yard.

As far as stitching goes, I haven't been doing much. I've been spending my free time out side with Brandon enjoying the sunshine before it's gets to hot and humid for me. I love being outside but I hate the humid weather. I'm working on the Noah Ark sampler that I bought to do for my pregnant friend. Found out the yesterday that she is going to have twin girls! Arron, the father is sorta disappointed, but he will love them both no matter what. I bet he will be an awesome daddy.

car accident and new puppy

Over the weekend something horrid happen. I was on my way home from work. Driving, smoking, listing to the radio. I just happened to look in my mirror and saw this young girl covered in blood chasing my car. So of course I slammed on the brakes. She came up to my window,crying, screaming that she and her friends had been in an accident and that she thought her friend might be dead, they needed help. So me being the only person in America with out a cell phone, tells her I will get help. Drove a mile, the longest mile of my life, to a gas station and called 911. Then I drove back to the accident to see what I could do to help. By the time I got back to them there were several people already helping and I didn't' want to get in the way. But the site of that young man will forever hunt my dreams. He was laying on his back with the car on top of him. The only thing you could see was his head and most of his chest. Blood everywhere. IT was so disturbing. I found out on Monday that there was beer involved and possibly drugs. The young lady that chased me was 19, the driver who didn't even get a scratch from what I saw, was 22 and the boy that was trapped was only 16!! They all were ejected from the car, and when the 16 year old was thrown out of the car, the car rolled on top of him. So plz pray for this boy. I can only imagine what his mother must be going through. When I got home I hugged and kissed Brandon. Didn't let him leave my site for the longest time. How does one get over something like this? I can't get the image of those kids out of my head. And I see that young girl chasing my car over and over again. Anyways, sorry if this upset anyone. But I just had to share it, maybe if I talk about it I can over come it.

On a lighter note. We have 2 new family members living with us. Keith let me FINALLY get a puppy! He's so cute. Only 6 weeks old. I have no clue as to how to house break him. So if anyone has any tips.... His name is Buddy. He's so fun to play with and Brandon just loves him.
The second new family member is a bird! She is living in a nest in our back yard. This nest has been in that tree for as long as I can remember and no bird has ever lived it in. Few days ago I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and just happened to look up at the tree and there she was. So pretty and fat! Maybe she is getting ready to have baby's? I don't' know when bird lays eggs, I've got to do some research on it. She looks like a dove pigeon. If there is such a thing. After I take my niece to the doctors today I'm going to search the net for information.
I'll post pictures of the puppy and the bird later today. I've got to pick up batteries from the store today.

my mother!

I'm a little sad today. I received an email from my mother. Asking why I dont' call or visit her. And it was telling me how sorry and sad she is. She left my father almost 2 years ago to live with an internet man. No notice, no warning just left. I was 6 months pregnect at the time. The man she is with now is bi-polar and does drugs, drinks and I think(I have no proof) he hits her. And she is still very unhappy. I guess I just don't understand why she would leave dad (dad would have moved moon for her) for this "crazy" man. I'm not saying that dad is perfect but he has to be better than "crazy" man. But thats not why I am angry with her. I am mad because I haven't heard from her since Thanksgiving, and she writes me an email making it to be all my falut. Well the last time I tried to call her the phone number I have didn't work. So how in the world can I call her if I dont' have the number..and I have no clue where she lives. She lives in the big city 1 hour away. And she left us! We didn't leave her. So if anyone should be calling anyone I think it's her. I am so mad at her. I have a lot of resentment for her anyway. She let me get married when I was 15 to a man that was abusive and a little crazy. Not that she knew at the time he was abusive but who would let a 15 year old get married! (( I'm 28 now)) I'm going to sign off now before I write something I'll regret later. Thanks for reading my vent.

TaDa,,my 1st April finish

Here is my Gathering egg's finish. I don't understand why the bottom of the design is left undone. I think it would look so much better if it was stitched green, like she is in a field. But I still like the end result.

Here is a close up, so you can see the bead detail. This didn't take me nearly as long as i thought it would to stitch. Also this is one finished goal for April! YAY

This is the Jewelry box that Keith bought for me. Do you think it would be tacky to have it displayed in my living room? I'm thinking maybe on top of the TV entertainment center? I hate to have it stored in our bed room. No one goes in there! I told Keith that now he has to buy me some Jewelry to put in the box.LOL We have been together for almost 7 years and he has bought me a ring and a necklace. That's it!

And now..the sad news. Or at least I think it's sad. Keith and I spent the day Saturday with his cousin Jenny. She is going to be leaving some time this month to go to Iraq. She as been in the Military for years and this will be her 1st time going over. Plz everyone say a prayer for her. Plz let her come back to us quickly and safely. Love you Jenny! Her boyfriend pictured with her is also going. I wish them the best.

And to answer Tammy's question. If I had the choice to start anything new, I would have wanted to start Country Spring. But I've got to wait in til I get my Spring exchange gift stitched and I want to stitch a square for Boo.

a quick hello

I called off work today. I was up half the night sick with a headache. I don't know how I do it but when I stitch with a headache it seems to go away. In til I put the stitching down. My husband doesn't understand it, wish I could explain it to him. LOL I guess it's because I put my total concentration into my stitching and block out the world, headache and all.

Anyways, I have gathering eggs almost done! Just got back stitching left. I'd show you a picture but Keith has it at his mothers house. He took Brandon with him, spent the night. So I have had the whole house to myself. It's been so great.

Keith bought me a gift for no reason this week! He bought me a jewelry box. It is so big! I've never had anything so beautiful before. I'll take pictures of it when I get my camera back from Keith.

I squeezed my fat butt in to a size 12 today! I used to wear a size 22. I can't believe it. The size 12's are tight but I can get them fasten. I hope to lose that 30 pounds still. I've only been losing inches and not weight. So today I'm going to up my 30 minute work out to 45 minutes and cut back 250 calories. See if that helps me any.

I gotta go tho, dryer just quit and I want to get the beads attached to Gathering eggs before Keith and Brandon get home.

WIP..Gathering Eggs

Here is an update on my Gathering Eggs. Isn't it just awesome! Too bad you can't see it in person. Some of the stitches in it look awful. I don't know what type of fabric this is but I'll NEVER stitch on it again. It pulls the stitches out of shape. I have to stitch it really slow to get them to lay right. And some times i have to pull stitches out and redo them because they just don't' look right. I hope to have this done soon. I have so many things calling to me. LOL Maybe I should just throw my "one project at a time" rule out the window and start something new??

My new Charts

I don't really have much to say today. I gotta take my niece to the behaviour clinic today. I've been taking her for about a month now. She has been diagnosed with ADHA and compulsive disorder. She is only 9. Today she will have 1 on 1 counseling with a therapist. And maybe finally see the doctor. I've been telling my sister for years that there was something just not right about the kid. Anyone that has to put there shirt on 14 to 20 times (on, off, on off on off) needs help. I love my niece dearly and I'm glad to finally get her the help she needs. I just wish the drive wasn't so long. She can barely sit still in the car long enough. And boy does she talk..talk talk talk. LOL It makes for a long drive. Today I promised her MacDonald's after wards. So I hope MacDonald's still have the salads. I've been doing really well on my diet. Still haven't lost a single pound this month. But haven't gained any either. So that's a plus.
I thought I would post a picture of the new charts I have bought this week. This is country Spring. If you remember when I started this blog I was working on Country winter. This is a matching piece. It doesn't look very pretty, but either did Country winter in til i got it stitched up. Now if I could just make myself buy country summer I'd have all 4 of the charts. (23$ a chart) I bought this one on eBay for 11.99! I was so excited. Maybe I'll get lucky and find Summer on sale as well.
I don't know why but I have total fallen in love with this chart. I haven't received it yet, it's on back order. But it doesn't look like all cross stitches. I hope it's not full of hard to do stitches. *finger crossed*
And last but not least is You are my sunshine. This chart is calling to me! I so want to start stitching it but i am making my self finish Gathering eggs first. I'd like to change the girl in the picture to a boy. If anyone is any good at things like that would you help me out? LOL
Gathering Eggs is almost finished. I have a little bit of her dress left and the border to do. I do have to add the beads tho. But it shouldn't take me more than a week to finish up. Then I'm going to start on my spring exchange gift.
You guys should see boo boo's head. He is so bruised up. He keeps falling down out side. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I told him the 1st time I see blood there will be no more out side play. LOL If he would just walk and not run I think he would be OK. But he gets excited and takes off running,,,and then falls, usually head first into the ground.

WIP Update

This is going to be a short post. I just wanted to share my Gathering Eggs WIP. I got a lot of stitching done this past week. Thank goodness for warm weather and a fenced in yard. LOL

My finished mitten

How can I be so talented in on craft (cross stitching) and so horrible in another?? I finally got around to finishing my Mitten ornament. It looks awful! The picture doesn't really show just how horrid it is. Maybe it can be stuck in the back of the tree where no one can view it? LOL I'd like to stitch this chart for my other niece's and nephews but I gotta find someone else to finish them for me.
Anyways, I got to stitch a little yesterday on Gathering eggs. I just
love stitching this little girl. The details and shading are awesome. And not a lot of back stitching to it. Although there is a lot of stitching with 2 different DMC colors. But it is well worth it.
I went a little crazy yesterday and ordered 5 new charts! 2 of them I bought from eBay. They were so cheap and I just couldn't pass them up. I bought Country Spring by Passione Ricamo. It is a matching set to my Country Winter. I also bought the Noah Ark kit posted below in another post. And I bought a chart to stitch for my Spring exchange partner. I won't tell you what it is in case she reads my blog. (yeah right lol). The other 2 charts I bought are Autumn Blessings by Imaginating and You are my sunshine by Country Cottage Needleworks. Thanks to
Kim I have fallen in love with Country cottage needlework charts. ( I hope that is the way to post a link here)
I better get off here and get some house work done before the brat gets up. He has been sooooo bad lately. Not bad bad..ornery bad. He has learned to throw things..everything..usually at me. So I'm trying to teach him what to throw and what not to throw. Also..If you look at my WIP you can see a light orange marker streak on it. that's what he did when I left my stitching down where he could get to it. Grrrr...thank goodness the stitches cover it up. I'm just glad he didn't get the black permanent marker that was with the orange marker. Could have been a very very sad day. LOL