TaDa,,my 1st April finish

Here is my Gathering egg's finish. I don't understand why the bottom of the design is left undone. I think it would look so much better if it was stitched green, like she is in a field. But I still like the end result.

Here is a close up, so you can see the bead detail. This didn't take me nearly as long as i thought it would to stitch. Also this is one finished goal for April! YAY

This is the Jewelry box that Keith bought for me. Do you think it would be tacky to have it displayed in my living room? I'm thinking maybe on top of the TV entertainment center? I hate to have it stored in our bed room. No one goes in there! I told Keith that now he has to buy me some Jewelry to put in the box.LOL We have been together for almost 7 years and he has bought me a ring and a necklace. That's it!

And now..the sad news. Or at least I think it's sad. Keith and I spent the day Saturday with his cousin Jenny. She is going to be leaving some time this month to go to Iraq. She as been in the Military for years and this will be her 1st time going over. Plz everyone say a prayer for her. Plz let her come back to us quickly and safely. Love you Jenny! Her boyfriend pictured with her is also going. I wish them the best.

And to answer Tammy's question. If I had the choice to start anything new, I would have wanted to start Country Spring. But I've got to wait in til I get my Spring exchange gift stitched and I want to stitch a square for Boo.


Chiloe said...

Great finish !!! I think she is on a path and the green is little natural fence: don't remember the name ...

Hope your cousin will be fine ;)

Johanna said...

She is lovely, what a great finish!

Kim said...

Your finish is beautiful! I have enjoyed watching it come to life.

Very pretty jewelery box, I really like the spots for photos.

I will keep your family members in my prayers. I hope they have a safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Gathering Eggs is such a beautiful finish, enjoy!