My new Charts

I don't really have much to say today. I gotta take my niece to the behaviour clinic today. I've been taking her for about a month now. She has been diagnosed with ADHA and compulsive disorder. She is only 9. Today she will have 1 on 1 counseling with a therapist. And maybe finally see the doctor. I've been telling my sister for years that there was something just not right about the kid. Anyone that has to put there shirt on 14 to 20 times (on, off, on off on off) needs help. I love my niece dearly and I'm glad to finally get her the help she needs. I just wish the drive wasn't so long. She can barely sit still in the car long enough. And boy does she talk talk. LOL It makes for a long drive. Today I promised her MacDonald's after wards. So I hope MacDonald's still have the salads. I've been doing really well on my diet. Still haven't lost a single pound this month. But haven't gained any either. So that's a plus.
I thought I would post a picture of the new charts I have bought this week. This is country Spring. If you remember when I started this blog I was working on Country winter. This is a matching piece. It doesn't look very pretty, but either did Country winter in til i got it stitched up. Now if I could just make myself buy country summer I'd have all 4 of the charts. (23$ a chart) I bought this one on eBay for 11.99! I was so excited. Maybe I'll get lucky and find Summer on sale as well.
I don't know why but I have total fallen in love with this chart. I haven't received it yet, it's on back order. But it doesn't look like all cross stitches. I hope it's not full of hard to do stitches. *finger crossed*
And last but not least is You are my sunshine. This chart is calling to me! I so want to start stitching it but i am making my self finish Gathering eggs first. I'd like to change the girl in the picture to a boy. If anyone is any good at things like that would you help me out? LOL
Gathering Eggs is almost finished. I have a little bit of her dress left and the border to do. I do have to add the beads tho. But it shouldn't take me more than a week to finish up. Then I'm going to start on my spring exchange gift.
You guys should see boo boo's head. He is so bruised up. He keeps falling down out side. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I told him the 1st time I see blood there will be no more out side play. LOL If he would just walk and not run I think he would be OK. But he gets excited and takes off running,,,and then falls, usually head first into the ground.


~Tammy said...

Your new charts are darling.

I love the 'You are my Sunshine', I used to sing this to my oldest daughter, now 17 years old.

About the changes from a girl to a boy, I have a very good friend that is quite talented with changing things around on patterns, whereas I'm lousy at it. If you don't mind I could send her the link to your blog.

Poor little boo boo falling down so much. It is so painful to watch them going through this injury filled time, soon enough he'll be the master of his feet!

Good luck with finishing up Gathering Eggs!

karen said...

your new stash looks fun! i like the middle one especially. hugs

~V said...

Hi Becca, I'm the friend Tammy was talking about. I'd be happy to change your pattern for you, will you please email me thru my profile on my blog :) Talk to you soon


Stitchingranny said...

If Tammy cant help Becca then I would be willing to try, I alter lots of things lol.

I just love that middle chart, the one that has the special stitches and wonder who it is by please. The other two are nice too.