My finished mitten

How can I be so talented in on craft (cross stitching) and so horrible in another?? I finally got around to finishing my Mitten ornament. It looks awful! The picture doesn't really show just how horrid it is. Maybe it can be stuck in the back of the tree where no one can view it? LOL I'd like to stitch this chart for my other niece's and nephews but I gotta find someone else to finish them for me.
Anyways, I got to stitch a little yesterday on Gathering eggs. I just
love stitching this little girl. The details and shading are awesome. And not a lot of back stitching to it. Although there is a lot of stitching with 2 different DMC colors. But it is well worth it.
I went a little crazy yesterday and ordered 5 new charts! 2 of them I bought from eBay. They were so cheap and I just couldn't pass them up. I bought Country Spring by Passione Ricamo. It is a matching set to my Country Winter. I also bought the Noah Ark kit posted below in another post. And I bought a chart to stitch for my Spring exchange partner. I won't tell you what it is in case she reads my blog. (yeah right lol). The other 2 charts I bought are Autumn Blessings by Imaginating and You are my sunshine by Country Cottage Needleworks. Thanks to
Kim I have fallen in love with Country cottage needlework charts. ( I hope that is the way to post a link here)
I better get off here and get some house work done before the brat gets up. He has been sooooo bad lately. Not bad bad..ornery bad. He has learned to throw things..everything..usually at me. So I'm trying to teach him what to throw and what not to throw. Also..If you look at my WIP you can see a light orange marker streak on it. that's what he did when I left my stitching down where he could get to it. Grrrr...thank goodness the stitches cover it up. I'm just glad he didn't get the black permanent marker that was with the orange marker. Could have been a very very sad day. LOL

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Kim said...

I can't see the photos of your mitten or wip but one easy way to finish ornaments off is to put sticky back felt on the back and than cut around the design leaving a one square border. I am not sure if this would work for your mittens or not. I have finished lots of ornaments like that and they look nice.
I got that CCN chart Tuesday, haven't had time to work on the changes to it yet but will keep you posted. Glad I could enable someone for a change, instead of everyone enabling me :)