car accident and new puppy

Over the weekend something horrid happen. I was on my way home from work. Driving, smoking, listing to the radio. I just happened to look in my mirror and saw this young girl covered in blood chasing my car. So of course I slammed on the brakes. She came up to my window,crying, screaming that she and her friends had been in an accident and that she thought her friend might be dead, they needed help. So me being the only person in America with out a cell phone, tells her I will get help. Drove a mile, the longest mile of my life, to a gas station and called 911. Then I drove back to the accident to see what I could do to help. By the time I got back to them there were several people already helping and I didn't' want to get in the way. But the site of that young man will forever hunt my dreams. He was laying on his back with the car on top of him. The only thing you could see was his head and most of his chest. Blood everywhere. IT was so disturbing. I found out on Monday that there was beer involved and possibly drugs. The young lady that chased me was 19, the driver who didn't even get a scratch from what I saw, was 22 and the boy that was trapped was only 16!! They all were ejected from the car, and when the 16 year old was thrown out of the car, the car rolled on top of him. So plz pray for this boy. I can only imagine what his mother must be going through. When I got home I hugged and kissed Brandon. Didn't let him leave my site for the longest time. How does one get over something like this? I can't get the image of those kids out of my head. And I see that young girl chasing my car over and over again. Anyways, sorry if this upset anyone. But I just had to share it, maybe if I talk about it I can over come it.

On a lighter note. We have 2 new family members living with us. Keith let me FINALLY get a puppy! He's so cute. Only 6 weeks old. I have no clue as to how to house break him. So if anyone has any tips.... His name is Buddy. He's so fun to play with and Brandon just loves him.
The second new family member is a bird! She is living in a nest in our back yard. This nest has been in that tree for as long as I can remember and no bird has ever lived it in. Few days ago I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and just happened to look up at the tree and there she was. So pretty and fat! Maybe she is getting ready to have baby's? I don't' know when bird lays eggs, I've got to do some research on it. She looks like a dove pigeon. If there is such a thing. After I take my niece to the doctors today I'm going to search the net for information.
I'll post pictures of the puppy and the bird later today. I've got to pick up batteries from the store today.

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Chiloe said...

what an ordeal .... Hope you can forget that sight from your head ... They could have also killed an innoncent person ...