WIP, and my back yard

I spent most of yesterday stitching. Brandon was in such a great mood, played in his room by himself. He must have known that mommy needed some stitching time. Here is a picture of my WIP. I talked to Candice this past week. She is pregnect with twins girls. So I changed the blue border to pink. Thought it would suit a girl better.

I'd like to share a picture of the tree thats in my back yard. I love this tree. It's always so pretty and different with every changing season. Right now it is full of flowers. And the flowers smell so good! If anyone knows the name of this tree plz let me know.

Brandon has a black eye. He tripped and fell down the step out side. His face looks awful. I swear people probably thing I beat him. He always has bruses on his face from falling or running into things. Boy lil guy.

Today I am going to spend the day cleaning. Oh what fun. This house is a disaster. And the laundry..piles and piles of it. Guess going on a laundry strike last week wasn't such a good idea. LOL It did get my husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and not on the floor. One step closer I guess. Why do men have to be slobs! Grrrr...


Chiloe said...

Do you have a lot of electric lines above your yard or it's just the picture that make me think that way? You're right: the tree is really nice.

Kim said...

Your wip looks so cute, is it a sampler that you are going to add the birth information to?

That tree is beautiful, not sure what it is but I have similar that is a flowering crab tree. It grows little tiny things that look like little cherries but they are hard, the birds and deer love to eat them.

I have a couple of questions for you so I am going to send you an e-mail.

Stitchingranny said...

Like the birthsampler Becca and yep think the pink sets it off nicely for little girls.