a quick hello

I called off work today. I was up half the night sick with a headache. I don't know how I do it but when I stitch with a headache it seems to go away. In til I put the stitching down. My husband doesn't understand it, wish I could explain it to him. LOL I guess it's because I put my total concentration into my stitching and block out the world, headache and all.

Anyways, I have gathering eggs almost done! Just got back stitching left. I'd show you a picture but Keith has it at his mothers house. He took Brandon with him, spent the night. So I have had the whole house to myself. It's been so great.

Keith bought me a gift for no reason this week! He bought me a jewelry box. It is so big! I've never had anything so beautiful before. I'll take pictures of it when I get my camera back from Keith.

I squeezed my fat butt in to a size 12 today! I used to wear a size 22. I can't believe it. The size 12's are tight but I can get them fasten. I hope to lose that 30 pounds still. I've only been losing inches and not weight. So today I'm going to up my 30 minute work out to 45 minutes and cut back 250 calories. See if that helps me any.

I gotta go tho, dryer just quit and I want to get the beads attached to Gathering eggs before Keith and Brandon get home.


Chiloe said...

45 minutes should do the trick ;) I always read that 45 mn is the minimum required to start having an effect on the body (I don't think you should cut 250 calories off your diet ) You gain muscle so you look leaner but it may not show on your scale ;) I always foung Fitness magazine and Shape very motivating !!! You should give it a try ;-)

~Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about the headache. That is just nasty.

Major congratulations on going from a 22 to a 12! That is incredible. I, at one time was a 10/12 and am now a 2/4 (mostly 4 grrrr). It is a lot of work, but worth every minute of torture.

Do you do any sort of muscle building? I found that is what really improved my build was the weight training because your body continues to burn calories when your muscles are repairing. Please be very careful about cutting back calories. Your body my shut down the burn if it feels starved!

Take care and keep us updated on how your progress, both stitching and weight loss!

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Congratulations on going from a 22 to a 12, that is so awesome.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your finish as well as your new jewelery box.

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations on losing 10 sizes. You have got this far so be proud of that and dont overdo it now and spoil things. Excercise yes - cutting back on foods - Definitely NO.