Noah ark WIP

Here is a picture of my WIP. It is Noah's Ark Birth Announcement (kit)byJanlynn Corporation. This has become a very boring stitch. Most of it is the same colors. No shading to make it pop. I can't wait to be done with it. I think I'm going to throw my "one project at a time" rule out the window and start something new today. I've been dying to start Spring stitches, Velda has fixed the chart for me so it doesn't contain so many speciality stitches."Thank you Velda!" If I had the right blue linen I would start "you are my sunshine" But I can't afford to buy the fabric right now. I'm saving my penny's so I can start weight watchers. A lady from work loaned me her things for a day to look them over and I think WW would be a great idea. I haven't lost any weight in weeks, I haven't' gained any,but still I'd like to lose those 20 pounds soon.

The bird that was nested in the back yard has left. She has been gone for 3 days, she has left behind 2 very small eggs. I think about her a lot. Wonder what has happened to her.Why she would leave her egg's and never come back. I didn't allow the neighbor kids to play in the back yard so I don't think it was anything we did. I miss seeing her every day.

The puppy is driving me nuts! I've had him for almost 3 weeks and he still isn't house broken. I never knew it was going to be such a hard thing to do. Now when I brought my cat home she was littered boxed trained in a day! Cats must be smarter than dogs? I'm going to buy some puppy pads today, If he can't hold it in til I get him outside maybe he will mess on the pads instead of my kitchen floor! I have mopped it every day this week, and I HATE to mop! LOL

My sister's birthday was yesterday, she turned 30. She was a bit depressed about it. I told her that turning 30 isn't a big deal any more. She says wait in til I hit the big 30 and see if I feel the same. I didn't' go to her birthday cook out because I didn't' want to ruin my diet. And I knew if I went to the party I would so eat and eat and eat.

Anyways, sorry for all the ramblings.


Andie said...

Before you start weight watchers can I suggest this book? At the bottom of the first page you can read an excerpt from the book. I bought it the other day and it makes so much sense. *hugs*

Andie said...

P.s Your wip looks lovely :)

Stitchingranny said...

oh Becca puppies may take a little longer to train than cats but i dont think its cause cats are smarter - after all kids take even longer to train lol.

I used to work for a dietician and she would never advise anyone to go to ww as she said most people who went actually ended up putting more weight on when they stopped. She said to just reduce the amount you ate by a small amount and increase your excercise (walking and swimming being the two best ways to excercise). Good luck whatever you decide.