Welcome September!

Well I love September for several reasons. The number one reason is of course MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I was born on the last day of the month. September 30th. I will be 29 years old. Almost 30...I'm getting old. The second reason is fall is almost here. Fall and Spring are my favorites times of year. I love all the changes, all the colors, and the nice cool nights. The third and last reason is it is fair time here. Morgan Co. fair started yesterday. It will last in til Saturday. We will probably go tomorrow because it's kids fun day and things are cheaper. Also because I have to work 12 shifts this weekend. What is your fav time of year?

I have finished my Day with out stitching piece. I didn't get much stitching done this past weekend because of the hours I worked. But I got it finished. Here is a picture of it! And here is a picture of a picture of Brandon helping me. I want to stitch a Halloween stocking next but I have to wait in til I get some more of the purple DMC floss it calls for. Let me say that I'm going to be stitching a LOT of purple. LOL But I want to stitch it for Brandon. Maybe turn it into his trick or treat bag. Not sure yet.

Not much more to write about. Man do I live a boring life. All work and no play keeps me that way. LOL Hopefully we get to go to the fair tomorrow and have some fun.

Does anyone have either of these charts in there stash? I'd like to buy or trade for them. I found them in someone else's stash album and have fallen in love with them.


Kim said...

Your finish is very cute and so is Brandon.

I don't have either of those charts in my stash, good luck in your search.

Chiloe said...

Your baby is toooooooooooooo cute ;-)

I love the fairy too: have you contacted the person who has the picture? Have you asked to the 123 stitch BB? If you find it out, please, let me know as I love the design too. Iy looks like a stoney creek kind of style but I'm not 100% sure.

Velda said...

Becca it's my birthday month too. I'm smack dab in the middle on the 15th....but I'll be 43, an old lady *giggle* compared to you...I LOVE A day without sunshine....my friends made that one for me as a gift one year. Cute little one you have there! LOVE LOVE LOVE the halloween piece, but I don't know the designer either, looks like a kit or a magazine

Sew Wilde said...

What a lovely piece! The Halloween girl is a Stoney Creek Design from a book called Boowitchig Halloween. It can be purchased at Marilyns.com. I hope that helps.

"Magnolia" said...

That Brandon is the CUTEST thing! I could just pinch those little cheeks!!!

Your Day Without Stitching is lovely, and so true.

Have fun at the Fair!

Jennifer/OH said...

Hi Becca,
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the gourd chickens. My neighbor grows the gourds, harvest, dries and cleans them and I do the painting. We actually saw the idea at the Darke County fairgrounds (Ohio of course!)at the Midwest Gourd Festival. This year it is September 27 and 28. If that is near where you live you should really check it out. Along with the finished gourd-art they have tons of supplies for other crafts. Lots of fibers, beads and other stuff that can be incorporated into cross-stitch. OK, this is getting too long to be just a "comment". Have a great day!

Ranae said...

Congrats!! The Stitching without a day looks fabulous.
I think I have that witch, but I can't part with her,as I haven't stitched her. I will have to go look for it, I forgot all about it.
Brandon is a cute little man.
BTW! You are not getting older, just better :)

Michele said...

Love your finish! Congrats! especially working the long hours! I'm impressed you could get it done ;) Brandon is such a cutie :)

oh and my favorite times of year are fall and winter

Ruth said...

Wow! Your Day piece is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the fine finish.

Ruth said...

Oh, I think the Halloween one is a Stoney Creek design -- but that's just a guess.

Julie said...

Congrats on your finish, it looks superb. Sorry, i dont have the 2 charts you are looking for, hope someone can help you.