Welcome Victoria and Ava!!

The twins were born last week. Keith and I had the chance yesterday to make the long trip to see them. They are so cute! I've never seen baby twins before. They did look so much a like, the only way I could tell them apart was weight. Ava is smaller than Victoria. The mom, Candice, wasn't really up to visitors, I wished we would have waited another week or 2 before we went to see them but Keith just couldn't wait. LOL Here are some pictures of the babies. I hope I don't get them mixed up and call them by the wrong name. The baby that I am holding in the yellow is Ava, The naked baby is Victoria. She hadn't had her bath yet and wasn't dressed.

I haven't done much stitching this pass weekend. I worked a LOT of hours and when I got home from work it's all I could do to shower and climb in bed. LOL I hope I can get a lot of stitching done today. It's raining out side so would be a great day to sit and stitch. Lets see if Brandon will let me. Here is an up date picture of my progress

I wanted to share something with you, When we were visiting the twins I got a chance to look at there bed room. A friend of the family had done some free hand painting on the walls. I LOVE it. I can't believe that someone did it by hand. Here are some pictures of the room. Aren't the walls lovely! I wish I had a friend that could paint something like that on Brandon's wall.

Thanks to everyone that comments on my blog. I love reading what everyone has to say.


Ginnie said...

Such lovely babies, it bought back memories of when my twins were first born. Hope you manage to fit in some stitching soon!

Anonymous said...

The twins are adorable!

Julie said...

What a lovely nursery for two cute babies, they are adorable.
Some relaxing stitching time sounds just what you need

Beatrice said...

I just visited here for the 1st time. Nice stitching and what sweet Little babies!!
Have a good stitch!

Stitchingranny said...

Oh so tiny and sweet. Hope you can cut back on work a bit soon Becca.