Thank god it's Tuesday!

I spent the weekend working long hours again. Not as many hours as last weekend but more hours than I care to work. I'm glad it's Tuesday and I can sit, relax and stitch. I told Keith that I wasn't going to do ANYTHING today but relax. Although I do have to be at work at 10:30 for a meeting, but that gives me a chance to hit the library afterwards.

My Mother In law was here last night. She is with out electric, won't be restored for 5 to 7 days, because of the high winds we had from the hurricane. She brought us all her fridge and freezer food. She couldn't see it all going to waste. Specking of hurricane winds...Man was it awful. I can't imagine what a real hurricane would be like. The winds were so strong that I thought for sure our house was going to be blown away. And the sounds the winds made..I'll never forget it. Sounded like a high pitch scream.

An update on Brandon sleeping...Well...I put a small TV in his room. (we don't have a radio other than our computers). We leave it on all night so he has sound and some light from it. The 1st few nights it worked great. The last 2 nights have been OK, he still screams and throws a fit but not for a long period of time. I'd say about 10 minutes. And we don't tell him it's bed time. Or tell him to go to sleep. We tell him it's time to lay and watch TV. And he does it. I hate using the TV to get him to sleep, hate the thought of him watching TV at all, but it works. And that's all I really care about. Does using the TV method make me a bad mom?

I received a magazine in the mail yesterday from Mary in WC (no blog that I know of). It is the magazine that has this witch in it. I first seen this witch on
chiloe's blog and fell in LOVE with her. Isn't she great looking. I can't wait to stitch her and will probably start her as soon as I finish my DMC Bath time. I hope I have the prefect fabric in my stash for her. And specking of Chiloe's blog. She has a GREAT blog started full of galleries to check out. Here is the link..plz take time to check it out.cross stitch gallerie .

And here is a picture of my WIP..I didn't get much stitching done this weekend due to my work hours, but I did get a lot stitched last Thursday. It's coming along nicely. I don't know why but I can't seem to get a good picture of this piece. Maybe the next picture I'll put something dark behind it. See if that helps.

For a birthday present to myself I am now a subscriber to the cross stitch magazine called Just cross stitch. I can't wait to get my 1st magazine. Keith had a fit over it because he was going to pay for the subscription for me, as a b-day gift from him, but I jumped the gun and couldn't wait. LOL Oops..sorry will have to think of something else to get me. And only 2 weeks to come up with it!


Pumpkin said...

We are very lucky where we live because we didn't get near the weather that some others did. I'm glad to hear you are all alright. I can only imagine how scary it was.

A friend of mine had to start using books on tape/CD for her little guy to go to sleep. You might try that.

I saw that witch on Chiloe's Blog too and she's adorable! Lucky you to receive the magazine :o) Which one is she in?

Your WIP is adorable :o)

Good for you! Poor DH though ;o) LOL!

Julie said...

So gald you are all safe, it sounded very scarey.

I can see the pic of bathtime fine, it looks lovely. Your little witch is a cutie too.

How nice to have a sub to JCS, i just had the halloween one delivered, some nice ones in that issue

Carla said...

That little witch is too cute :)!!
Your AOY project is looking lovely!

Chiloe said...

I do think the TV on is a bad thing for a kid: bad habits, noise all night long (listening trough his brain- could link to problems to concentrate at school later on) , electrical waves while he sleeps (very bad for a developing brain). Remember it is going nearly impossible to break this bad habits. I understand how difficult iti is as I went through it with both sons when they were 2 years ols and a half (both as this age - weird). I was firm, very firm. I know it's hard but you have to be calm and be firm, sending him back to his bed. I remember saying on a very firm ton of voice to sleep : "You sleep NOW!" He knew I was meaning it and he took him a while to accept it but it is important to not give up.

You also have to be firm during the day (will be easier at night). Early on, I used the 1,2, 3 rules and he got grounded ( sit on a little bench for a short time). Steb was very stubborn and now accept my autority: I don't regret any efforts I made very early because he was so so stubborn ... I know it is very hard but you can do it ( and turn off the TV !!! lol)

Great stash and thanks for sharing my link.

Keith can offer you another subscription: stoney creek, Needlework magazine, and so on ... ) you'll have 2 then ;-)

Ranae said...

I agree with choloe on the tv thing, the noise and flashing lights are not good when getting a peaceful sleep.
I love that little witch, which magazine is she in?
I love JCS magazine and The Gift of Stitching, which is a really popular PDF.

Stitchingranny said...

I think as long as he is going to sleep and not crying himself stupid you are doing the best thing you know how to do as a mum. Maybe you could get him a little childs tape player and some story tapes for his birthday or christmas and move from the tv to them but in the meantime you are doing your best with the resources you have Becca, how can that possible make you a bad mom.

Love the little witch. I am not normally into halloween things but she is really very cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the little witch! Can you tell me what magazine she is in, and what month it is from?

Thank you!!