I need help!

Well I've had a busy weekend. I again worked 12 hour shifts on Fri.,Sat,Sun and 15 hours on Monday. Boy was I ready for a day off on Tuesday. I didn't do anything but lay on the couch and stitch, watch TV, and play with Brandon. It was a great relaxing day. Even rained outside make me feel like it was sitting in the house weather. LOL Thank goodness I have Tue,Wed, and Thursday off every week or I wouldn't be able to pull those long weekends. Keith actually has the house work all done, well the major stuff, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and Brandon's room picked up. So today I think I'm going to dust and shine the stair case. I haven't done that for a looong while and it's looking drab.

Last week I started watching a new show on Lifetime (my second fav channel) called Desperate house wife's. I've heard of this show before but never watched it. I am HOOKED! I love it. It's so funny and always some sorta drama going on. I ordered the entire 1st series on netflix yesterday. Keith isn't happy about that, but he will just have to get over it. Anyone else watch this show? Love it? Hate it?

Ok ladies...I need some mother advise. Brandon will be turning 2 next month. He has always slept in his bed, by him self, in his own room since he was 4 months old. We don't allow him in our bed, we have never slept with him. 5 weeks ago he started this not wanting to sleep in his bed. He lays in his room and cries, some times coming to the door and knocking on it. Well now it's a war getting him to bed each night. He screams and cries..boy does he scream, he kicks the door, bangs on it, throws his toys around in his room. Now if I walk in to the room he settles down, I'll tell him to get into bed, If I sit with him he is calm, eyes closed, but soon as I get up to walk out its war time again. Keith says we should just let him cry it out, throw his fits, (we've been doing it that way for 2 weeks now ) but it's not changing anything. So....what do I do? What can I do. I've never been a mom before and this is wearing me out. I can't stand hearing him cry and throw fits each and every night. Some times I get him to fall asleep on the couch and very gently carry him to bed, praying he doesn't wake up.LOL I've tried a night lite, leaving the door cracked, letting the kitty sleep with him..so far nothing...

Now onto my new WIP. After stitching A day with sunshine. I thought I would start something quick and easy. WRONG LOL This little lady is full of color changes, full and half stitches. Seems like it's taking me forever to get her stitched. She is very pretty tho. Wish I would have stitched

her on darker fabric because the back ground isn't showing up all that well. Sorry for the bad pic. Here is what I looks like. The kit came with 16 count fabric, but I wanted it to be larger and switched it for 14 count .

I am on a blog called Christmas ornament exchange. Was suppose to have my ornament MONTHS ago. It seems I'm not getting it. The lady 1st said she mailed it to me but the post office returned it as no known address. The she said she mailed it...like 6 weeks ago..haven't' seen it. So the owner of the group tells her she needs to make me another one. But I have given up on it. So sad that people can't follow through on exchanges, makes it bad for others.

Anyways, I'm off to do some stitching before the brat wakes up. LOL I'll leave you with some new pictures that I took of Brandon yesterday.


Ranae said...

Oh! girl you are working some loong hours.
That's too bad about your ornament exchange.
I do hope it shows up soon.
The new WIP is so sweet.
Brandon is a cutie

Chiloe said...

I went through the same with Steb and Pierre: I'll answer you when I'll have more time, ok?

I love your new WIP ;-)

Stitchingranny said...

shes sweet and the background shows just fine Becca.

Hard to know what to do about cutie pie (he looks like butter wouldnt melt lol). Plain common sense says if he calms down as soon as you appear then hes just playing up so leave him. However he is not much more than a baby and if it becomes an obsession with him you may never get him to settle. Does he like books or music
maybe you could leave a tape on in the background playing music he likes or you could let him have books to look at. I think the worst think is to tell him he must go to sleep (you know what you are like yourself if you feel you have to go to sleep lol) but tell him if he lies quietly and is a good boy then he can - read - have his music on - talk to teddy. I think the important thing is to be able to leave him peacefully in his room and not worry about him going to sleep at this stage. It it helps check on him every 10 mins or so - just so he knows that you are around and you are not shutting him out. I think he just needs to feel secure again and maybe something frightened him but he is too small to explain to you.

I do hope that helps Becca as I know how upsetting it can be when you feel your child is not following the rules.

Shelagh said...

this is the first time to your blog, your son looks a darling, sorry I have no experience of children not going to bed, but I agree with sttichingrannie. I too have grandchildren, and one set of parents allowed their children to go to sleep on the couch, not a good move, when the 2nd one arrived they both needed to sleep on the couches, no seats left for nana, and no TV or stitching as the lights and sound had to be low.

Carla said...

Sorry I can give you an advice of what to do with your little one...I don't have kids so I can't help you with that.
Great start on the AOY girl!!

Julie said...

Your little girl looks lovely, i think the fabric is perfect it looks so pretty.

I used to read to my kids when they were in bed and leave the book with them to look through the pages till they fell asleep. It was our special time together.

Jean said...

Welcome to the terrible twos!!! I really love 2 year olds - they are just figuring out their independence and how they can get parents to jump! It's fun and challenging. I personlly love supernanny and one of the biggest issues she deals with is sleep issues with kids. Here's a site where she describes a routine to get kids staying in their beds. You have to be patient and willing to do this for as many days as it takes, and I believe it will definitely work. You want your sweetie to know that you care that he is having trouble while still setting limits "This is what we are going to do now" plus he sees you are in charge. Kids need to have parents teach them how to behave and meet expectations. Here's the site http://www.supernanny.com/Advice/-/Your-toddler/-/Toddler-care/The-sleep-separation-technique.aspx

He will come around if you don't give in and let him run the show. I guarantee - if you just let him scream and kick, you will give in long before he does!! Plus you will be frustrated and angry.

If you try too many different things, he will get confused. As a parent, you'll try anything! I know- I've been there. But my pediatrician told me early on that I am the parent and need to help my kids learn what you expect and to let them know that you are the adult who is going to teach them - nicely!

Hope this helps a bit! Good luck!

Rachel S said...

The WIP looks great.