new finish, WIP, halloween,new stash....

I have a new finish. I've been taking this Halloween ornament with me to work. Stitching on it during my breaks n stuff. It didn't take long to stitch up. Today I am going to add the finishing touches on it and hang it from my Halloween tree.

I've also started stitching the Teeny witch (picture a few post down). I haven't gotten very far with her but thought I would share a picture of it. The hat has so many 1/4 stitches that I had to stitch one, mark it off with a marker, stitch another one, mark it off, just so I wouldn't screw up and have to rip the stitches out. I'm stitching her on 14 ct white Aida. I know I boring..but it's the only thing I had on hand that she would look OK on. I did have a piece of lite purple that I thought about using but it was 18 count, and I didn't want her to be that small.

I got mad at Keith the other night and placed an order on EBay for some new charts. LOL What a great way to get back at him. These are the charts I bought.

I'm not sure why I bought the angel of dreams chart, It just caught my eye. I'm not really into stitching angels, but I might stitch this for my sister for her birthday in May. And of course I couldn't pass up the ornament chart..soon I will be stitching nothing but ornaments. I usually stitch them for the ladies I work with as Christmas gifts.

We (Brandon and I) were at my sisters house the other day when she had her Halloween decoration out. Brandon found this mask in the box and would not leave it alone. So she snapped some picture of him with it on. He is soooo cute. I just have to share a picture of him with you.

Now as many of you know I usually work day shift 7am to 3 pm 4 days a week. (Fri,sat,sun and Mondays). Well today is Sunday and I'm home! I feel really weird being home, as there is nothing on the TV to bells are ringing, something I never hear, and there are kids out on the streets already. The reason for this change is starting tomorrow, (Monday) I will be working 3pm to 11pm. I will be working after noons for 2 weeks as a fill in to help out with a staffing shortage. I don't know how well I will adjust to the staying up really late. I'm used to being up at 5am every morning. The mornings are usually my "alone" time. If I like the change I can take a full time afternoon position and have every other weekend off. Plus an extra 1.50 an hour. So we will see how it works out.

I'm off to catch up on some blogs. I now have Google did I ever manage with out it! It is awesome! Only thing I can't figure out is how to comment on someones blog without having to open the blog in a new window. Is it possible to post a comment right from the reader?

Also in my next post I've gotta set up a PDF, as I am now doing 2 of them! This is going to be great fun. But that's for a later post.

Have a great Sunday all!


Julie said...

Such a cute little halloween finish. Good Luck with the new hours, i hope they work out for you. Great pic of Brandon!

Carla said...

Great halloween stitching!!

Michele said...

love your halloween stitching! and the pictures of Brandon in that mask is adorable :)

Hope you like the new schedule!

kimstitch3 said...

love your new Halloween finish. It is cute. congrats on a new finish and you will be done with the next one b4 too. Keep them coming,Kimberly

I havent stitched in a few days and I'm having withdrawals. Take care,Kimberly