Questions about blogs????

I've been reading on a lot of blogs about people PIFing others. Some have received some amazing gifts and things. Whats all this about and how do I get into the action? I love sending others gifts and think this would be fun. But I don't see where I can join or jump in. Is it a friend only thing? How do you get someone address so you can PIF them with out them knowing?

Also..I've been reading about Google reader. What is that? I went and signed up for it but I don't understand it. Bunch of gibberish..wanting me to add links and then telling me the links aren't active.

And another thing...I want to change my back ground to a more fall look but the last time I changed it I lost everything on my side bar. Does that still happen? How do I prevent this?

Thought I would say thank you to everyone that visits my blog. I know I'm not exciting or glamorous as some other blogs and I thank everyone for taking the time to comment.


Anonymous said...

Although I haven't done one, a PIF means pass it forward and when you see this on someone's post they are making an offer to anyone who wants to sign up. You sign up and they will send you 1 gift and you usually have to make the same offer on your blog to 3 or 5 others and make them each a gift.

Google reader is the greatest, there should be a place where you can import your feeds from other feed readers (I think it is in the manage subscriptions link). If you don't already have a feeder, girl, where have you been. A feeder is so wonderous. It notifies you each time one of your feeds (subscriptions of the blogs you like to read) has a new post. A lot of blogs have somthing on the page that you can click on that will automatically subscribe you to that blog but if not, google has a feature where you can put their subscribe button into your 'favorites' or bookmarks and click on it each time you come across a blog you want to subscribe to, you can also search for a blog by name in google reader in the discover area and it will give you a button that says subscribe once it finds the blog you searched for. Additionally, once you have your google reader list of blog subscriptions, you can share your favorite posts from those that you read and even put that list on your blog, google reader should have a page that shows you how, hope this helps.

As far as changing your background, I just leave mine alone. I changed it once and worked and worked to put all the items back in the sidebar and then some people had trouble getting my page to load so I ended up going back to the original. I think if you go into the html code and save all of the code for your widgets (which is near the bottom of the codes)paste into maybe a document and then later paste that back into the new code, but it would help to know a bit about html codes and how to manipulate them to do it this way.

Chiloe said...

Teejay said a lot of things.

I don't change the emplate either as I don't want to loose all the links and counter I added.

A PIF, you may find some on blogs. You just need to sign up. I have 3 to do (and thinking what I can send , I aleady bought some stuffs though )

Julie said...

I daren't change mine, i am not very clever with the computer so i leave well alone LOL

Jean said...

PIF is a Pay it Forward. There is a book Pay It Forward in which a boy comes up with a project that suggests that instead of paying someone back for a favor, you "pay it forward" by doing something kind for three people and they in turn pay it forward to three other people. The movie has Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey and Hallie Joel Osmunt. The book is MUCH better than the movie!!
When a person goes to a site where someone is offering a PIF, you leave a comment and 3 lucky winners get something from that person. And, as teejay said, you in turn put it out on your website and get 3 people who want to participate under the same terms! It's really fun. It just so happens I received my first PIF this week and I sent out my first PIF and she received it the same day. If you want to have a peek at what I received and sent, hop over to my blog!

Another thing I've seen referred to is a RAK. I just figured out it means Random Act of Kindness. You send someone something "just because you want to"! You can chose something from the person's wish list or just decide yourself.

Like you I am totally confused about Google reader. Maybe if I tried it I'd understand. I need a "Google Reader for Dummies"!!

Michele said...

Hey Becca, I bet there will be some new PIF's after the first of the year. I know I'm going to offer another round, but have to finish this one first.

Stitchingranny said...

I use bloglines as I really could not get on with google.
Just google Bloglines and add the link to your favourites. When you click on a blog or a web page that you really like then just go to favourites and click the "sub with bloglines" the page name should be there and you click "subscribe" at the bottom of the page. Then when you next switch on the computer just go to bloglines and everyone who has updated since your last visit will be highlighted. Saves just wading through loads of blogs that have not uploaded.

omashee aka Barb said...

Hi Becca, I saw your comment on my blog about PIF and thought I had sent you a message. Sorry if we didn't connect. Are you still interested? please contact me at Barb