Happy new year!

Today is the 1st of the year. I've got a few goals for this year. Hopefully I can stick with them.
1.. lose 30 more pounds.
2. keep on not smoking. (It's been 4 months!)
and 3....to un clutter my house.

In 2007 I lost a total of 31 pounds. If I can do that again this year I'd be sooo happy. As of yesterday I'm back up too 201. Damn those peanut butter buckeyes! I probably ate a dozen of them over the weekend. For some reason i don't have much will power this time. I'm going to stick to a plan. I'm going to get my meals wrote out couple days before hand. AND I'M going to stick with it. I'm going to use my treadmill 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. It's the only way. Walk ..walk ..walk. I can't wait in til spring gets here. Then I can get boo out side and I'm sure the weight will fall off.

I've also got some stitching goals for this year. I'd like to get at least 3 stockings stitched for my nieces and nephews. I'm almost finished with one stocking so it's a good start. Also I'm going to try and not buy ANY new stash intil I get atleast 10 things stitched up. (LMAO!!!)) I think I can do it. I can do it...I can do it..I can ..If I keep saying it maybe it will stick with me longer.

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Kim said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and quitting smoking. You are such an inspiration to be doing both of those at once. You are doing great job!