's cold

Man is it cold out side. I think it's like 14 degrees out. It snowed a lot today. Nothing stuck to the ground tho. Suppose to have snow and ice this weekend. Hope it doesn't prevent me from getting to work. Brrrrrr....

I took Boo to the doctors today. He has a yeast infection. So it's no wonder I couldn't get rid of his diaper rash. Some days I would be in tears, feeling like a horrid mother, when in fact there wasn't anything I could have done to get rid of the rash. Thank goodness I broke down yesterday and called the doctor. Poor boo boo. I couldn't get his medication tonight because the Pharmacy didn't have it in, but it should be in by tomorrow when I get off work.

Here is a picture of my WIP. Man I'm almost done with this stocking. I can't wait to finish it so I can start something new. For those of you reading my blog and don't know it..I'm a one project woman. LOL I can't start something new until I finish what I'm working on. I KNOW if I start something new I'll NEVER finish what i have started. So it's a rule I've made myself stick too. So Guess what?!?! No UFOs in my closet.
As you can see, I've changed my background to hearts. I'm ready for valentines day! I want to say a HUGE thank you to Kim B. for helping me figure out how to change the back ground. Soon as I have time I'm going to put back my side bars. But right now I'm off to stitch. Boo has gone to my sisters for the night, Keith isn't home from work it's just me and my stitching!!!
Hugs all!

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