WIP...only back stitching left!

Here is a picture of Logan's stocking. It's really moving along. For some reason I'm Hateing the back stitching. And usually I love to back stitch. The back stitching means I'm soon going to be starting something else. I have my next project already picked out. It's going to be a valentine gift for my hubby. Shouldn't take me long to stitch it.

Here is a finish for my sister. I just love it. I think i'm going to put it on my to do list. And I just love the frame and mat she picked. It's awesome. She has several other project started. I'm glad she finally finished one. LOL
Not much else has been going on. Lady at work gave me a drum set for Brandon. Can't wait to try that out. Can anyone say head ache? He is getting his last 4 teeth in and is being a pain in the butt. Crying and fussie. Lord help me. Can't wait intil it's over. Anyways, i'm going to get off here and stitch while boo is napping.

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Kim said...

Very Cute! I hate to backstitch but it does really make the piece come to life.

Congratulations to your sister on her completed piece, I agree the frame and mat are perfect.