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Not much has been going on around here. I've been doing really great on my diet! I'm under 195 pounds! I can't believe I've finally made it under 195. My next goal is 185. I've learned that it is best to set small goals and take baby steps instead of rushing into it. In order to keep the weight off I gotta take it slow and make it apart of my life..not just a diet. ((Boy am I getting smart! lol).

Keith got a call from his good friend Arron yesterday. He's going to be a daddy! I wonder how Candice feels about that. Her and Arron will make great parents. No set due date yet. I can't wait to start stitching stuff for the baby!

I'm posting a picture of the ornament that Kathy made for me. I just LOVE it. I wish I could finish ornaments like this.

I'm still working on Logan's stocking. Got a good deal of it stitched up.

And here is a picture of an ornament that I stitched up. It only took me a few hours to do. It's a freebie from the designer packet that I got when I donated money to the diabetic charity.

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Kim said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. Small steps and smaller goals is the way to go! Keep us posted.