Green Thumb???

I'm trying my hand at plants again. I once used to have LOTS and LOTS of plants. But I couldn't keep my cats out of them. Now that I have gotten rid of one cat and my other cat has gotten older I thought I would try again. To start with I have a spider plant. Spider plants are EASY to grow. Anyone can grow a spider plant. Here is a picture of it.

The other plants I have I don't know the names of. ( the friend that gave me the starts didn't

know the names either). But here are pictures of them

Wish me luck! I hope I don't kill them. Working full time and taking care of the baby and now caring for plants might be too much. But I love the look of live plants in someones home. I hope the vine plants take off and cover the stand I have them on. Anyways, I gotta get off here and help Keith move furniture around. We are tired of the way our living room is now. So we are going to rearrange it. Ta Ta for now!

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