wasting time....

I take boo to the doctors today. It's just for a check up so It shouldn't take long. I've already walked 35 minutes on the tread mill this morning. Man I feel GREAT! Hoping to get another 30 minutes in today. I did really good eating yesterday, only thing I had that I shouldn't of had was Mamma Bea's cheese ball. But who can really resist it? I'm going to make Keith eat the rest of it today. Because ...you hear that...it's calling me...it's calling my name!!!

Keith and I spent new years day with his good friend Arron and Candice. We had an awesome time. We played Clue most of the day. I actually won a game! Everyone won except Arron. Poor Arron..He would have won if I kept my big mouth shut. *sorry Arron* lol Keith and i are going to buy Monopoly for the next time we have game day. I think we are going back next month. Going to make it an all night night. That will be fun.

Cheryl A. finally received my package. She says she loved everything. I'm so glad. I always worry about what to send her. She is such dear Friend. I hope she wastes lots of time stitching all those Christmas ornaments. lol
I better run tho, gotta get boo and keith woke up so we can start getting ready.
*HUGS to all*

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