jazzy cat story

OK so here is the story. Yesterday on my way to work, I found a black and white cat, dead on the road near our house. It was hit by a car and looked pretty bad. I thought it was jazzy. Took off work early so I could bury it before it got to hot. I was out side in the garage getting this cat ready to be buried. Had him in a trash bag, was putting tape on the bag when I felt something rub against my leg. I looked down and THERE WAS MY CAT! So I picked her up, brought her in the house, checked her over. And then it hit me...whose cat do I have in the garage?? Well I went ahead and berried the cat, just thought it was the thing to do. But how odd is it that I was getting ready to bury a cat that I thought was Jazzy when she decided to come home. Here is a picture of her and the new kitty. They are NOt getting a long very well.

we also changed the kittens name from lily to Sassy. It is a sassy little thing. So very play full.

My niece is running for princess of the festival. WE find out if she is the winner tonight at 7pm. Here she is riding in a float at today's parade. I hope she wins, she is soooo very shy and this will do her some good,.

Here is my WIP pic. I have a little more of it done, just haven't taken a picture of it yet. I think I'm going to do the back stitching before I work on the border. I might have this done this month! That would be awesome. I'm off here to do a little more stitching before bed. I'm beat tonight, working all day, and then going to the festival wore me out.
I bought Hip Hop Abs off of eBay last week. I got it in the mail today. So tomorrow I'm going to start a new exercise routine. (Hip hop abs is a very popular exercise DVD, everyone here is into it., teaches you to exercise and a few new dance moves.) I finally broke down and sold my treadmill. I never used it and it was taken up so much space. I'd rather walk a few miles outside then inside on that machine. Keith had a fit but he's over it.


Stitchingranny said...

Glad you found your cat, and hope your neice wins.

Autums is looking lovely.

Julie said...

Good Luck to your neice.

So pleased Jazzy came home, you little furface is adorable, i hope they soon make friends with each other.

Autumn is so pretty!

Kim said...

Very cute kitties and I hope in time they will become friends.

Good Luck to your neice, I hope she wins tonight.

Country Fall is so pretty, you must be on the home stretch now :)

Chiloe said...

Great news for jazzy !!!!!!

Your progress is soooooooo nice , can"t wait to see the newt pic !!! :D

Carla said...

I'm glad you found Jazzy :)
Hope your niece won the competition!
Great progress on Autumn!

Barb said...

Glad Jazzy is okay. Great pictures of the cats. Your WIP is coming along nicelye.
How did your niece do?