I don't have any pictures to share with you today. I haven't been stitching much. My son, Brandon, has been sick. It started Sunday night, high fever, 103.3. I started giving him Motrin and Tylenol ever 6 hours. He ran the fever all day Monday, wouldn't eat, but was drinking. Tuesday morning he's up at 5 am, crying, fussing, being awful. And he wouldn't drink anything. Every time he took a drink he would grab his throat. So off to the ER we went. Would have taken him to quick care but it wasn't open that early. We sat and waited for about 2 hours, of course by the time the nurse took his temp his fever was down. The doctor didn't see anything wrong with him, no fever, no breathing trouble, nothing wrong with his throat. He says to just give him Tylenol when needed. Grrrrrrrr!! Today he is back to normal. He was up playing in his room when I finally rolled out of bed. He ate breakfast (oatmeal) drank his milk and has been in a really good mood. Thank goodness. I was about to go crazy.

I sent my Gathering Eggs to be framed. I sent it to Sandra AKA Handie (from the 123 MB) in Canada. I sent it to her because she always post such nice framed pictures. I called this morning and paid her the 1st installment payment. She is allowing me to pay payments. I think that is sooo freak in awesome. I can't wait to get it back. Next week I should have the rest of the money to pay her in full. YAY!

I spent the morning cleaning my son's room. Boy was it a disaster. I've never seen such a mess. Guess that's what happens when I don't stay on top of it every day. LOL Toys were EVERYWHERE! Only took about an hour to clean up.

I am buying a tote bag from Heather from the 123 MB. I can't wait to get it. She sent me a picture of it and it looks awesome. She is selling them for a donation for the Michael recovery fund. I sent 20$ and feel guilty that I didn't' (couldn't) send more.

Also wanted to post that I have a BUNCH of anchor floss for sale/trade. I'm going to sort it out today some time.

Keith and I haven't seen much of each other this week. He's been busy helping a friend with his summer cabin. Staying away in til like 6 or 7 every night. Coming home and falling asleep on the couch. It's sorta frustrating. I'm stuck in the house all day with the kid and he's out doing god knows what. I'd like a few hours to myself in the evenings. Maybe once this cabin is finished life can get back to normal around here. I miss my stitching time. LOL

It's going to be hot and humid here today. Probably going to stay inside and keep cool. Maybe get some stitching done.

I forgot to add that i'm back on my diet as of today. I'm going to lose this last 15 pounds even if it kills me! Today I weighed in at 188. I'll keep you posted


Kim said...

Glad Brandon is feeling better and getting back to his normal self :)

I would love to see your Gathering Eggs framed so please post a photo when you get it back.

Hope you are able to find a bit of quiet time today to relax and do some stitching.

Cheryl's Blog said...

Sorry to hear Brandon has been sick, but glad to know he is feeling better. Thanks for the kind words on my stitching.

Julie said...

So pleased you little one is feeling better.

Looking forward to seeing your framed piece.

Chiloe said...

Hope Brandon feel better soon ;) Can't you stitch at night with a good light?