The end is near....

On my WIP that is. I got all the back stitching done on Country fall. Now I am working on the edge. I've made a mistake somewhere on the top and I can't figure out where it is. I'm going to have to sit down and count everything and figure out where I screwed up. Grrrr... Here is a picture of it. With the mistake. The mistake is on the right side. The little heart is one stitch short of where it is suppose to be. I suppose the mistake is in the word fall but I sure can't spot it. Doesn't it look awesome tho! I'm so proud of this piece. My next stitching project is going to be Christmas ornaments. I'm really falling behind in stitching them this year. I usually have at least a dozen stitched by now and I only one 1! I give them out as gifts and stick them on presents as name tags.

My niece won third place in the contest. She received a huge trophy! She was excited. I don't think she felt bad for not winning 1st because of the trophy. LOL Here is a picture of her with her mother (my sister) and one of her by her self. I think she is going to be a very beautiful lady some day.
Lets see..what else..Well I have become addicted to a computer game. Sims 2. LOL I can't get enough of it. I can only play it when Brandon is asleep cause he wants to sit on my lap, which would be OK if he would leave the key board alone. Anyone ever played a Sims game before? I found a cheat online to give me more money and boy is it fun when you have LOTS of money. LOL
Well my diet isn't going very well. I'm board with it all. Eating right, exercising..blah blah blah. I'm up to 192. Maybe more than that because I haven't weighted myself in about a week. I've got to get back on the wagon cause I gave all my fat clothes away. LOL I won't have anything to wear.
I am so behind on mailing out my exchanges and packages for trades. I've got to get them mailed out today. My ornament exchange is due out today and I haven't even gotten it all the way stitched yet. I've got to stop joining exchanges. I just don't have the time to stitch I just can't seem to stop one project to stitch another. What is wrong with me? I know people that have 12 or more WIP going on and I can't commit myself to 2 of them. LOL
I gotta get off here and get the house cleaned. I was on strike last week, didn't do much cleaning at all..hoping that my lazy husband would pitch in and help. HAHAHAHAHHAH Now I just have extra to do this week. Guess I won't do that again. Keith and I haven't been getting along for the last few days. He really hurt my feelings. My neighbor (which is also my brother and SIL) were having a pool/birthday party for SIL. I asked Keith like 4 times if he wanted to go over and at least visit if not swim. He said no..he was to tired. Well I finally gave up about 8pm and decided to go to bed. I was upstairs doing a word search when I heard him putting the baby to bed, 20 minutes later I heard the front door open and close. Wouldn't you know it ..he went over there all most as soon as I went up to bed! See..he thought I was asleep. I confronted him when he came to bed at 3am reeking of beer. He didn't' have a lot to say to me. I don't understand why he would go next door with out me but REFUSED to go with me. Needless to say there is a lot of negative vibes in this house. He made me feel like he was embarrassed to go with me, or something like that. I don't' know, I just know it pissed me off. (sorry for the language) Sorry for the rant.


Julie said...

Country Fall looks superb, well done.
Congrats to your neice on her win.
Other halfs can be so annoying sometimes.
Take care, {{big hug}}

Julie said...

Hi Becca, if you click the link to the HAED in the 'whats in my workbox' top left of my blog, it will take you to the finished design. Hope this helps.

~Tammy said...

Country Fall is gorgeous. Sorry to hear of the mistake. That is extremely annoying.

Your niece is quit the beauty. Sweet trophy.

Sending you big hugs in regards to what is going on in your personal life. That is just not nice at all. Hope things figure themselves out for you!

Chiloe said...

Yes, you need to sort things out with your hubby :-( If something bothers him, it's better if you can talk about it right nowso things can be better soon ;) I't's better for Brandon. Maybe you do something that bothers him that you are not even aware of ...

I still love your piece;) Couldn't get it through the lady though ... :-(

Kim said...

Country Fall is just beautiful. Sorry to hear of the mistake, hoping yo find it and it's a quick fix.

Congratulations to your neice on her win, she sure looks happy with her trophy.

Hugs and good thoughts coming your way and hope things are better soon.

Cheryl's Blog said...

Hi Becca, love Country Fall, great job. Congrats to your neice, bet she was excited. As for Keith, talk it out, and soon. Sending you hugs and strength to deal with things