And the winner is!

Sorry it's take me so long in posting the winner of the tatty teddy chart. No excuse other than I've been lazy this week. LOL Been spending a lot of time watching Life Time movies. What a great way to spend the days off, especially with all the rain that is falling out side. Anyways, I stuck everyones name in a hat and pulled out Chiloe! So pls email me with your address so I can get this in the mail to you soon.
I finished "You are my sunshine" over the weekend. It looks awesome. I do need to fix one of the boys eyes tho, they look really weird. LOL So today I will fix them and try to get it into a frame. This chart called for the use of CC floss. And Of course I don't have any of that. So I used DMC. I think it looks alright. Also the little boy that is pulling the wagon is suppose to be a girl. But a nice lady changed her for me. I can not for the life of me remember her name. I think it was Velda,I've deleted all my emails so I have no way of checking. Maybe she will see this and post. Anyways, this piece is a gift for my son. Going to hang it on his bed room wall.

Since finishing You are my sunshine. I have picked up Country Fall again. I've made great progress. After stitching on the linen going back to Aida is sooo nice. LOL It's like being gone from home all day and when you return it's so nice and relaxing. No thinking involved. LOL Anyways here is a picture of my progress. I really like stitching with the orange colors. I hope to buy Country summer next. I just wish these charts weren't so expensive. 20$ per chart! Anyways, I'm stitching this on 14 count Aida, on fabric called dirty tan.
I received a new HEAD chart this week. It is called American Angel. You should really go check it out. It is so very awesome. I'd like to start stitching it soon. Might pull the floss for it today. Make sure I have all the floss needed for it. It's like a 30 page chart. Would probably take me FOREVER to stitch it. I need some 25 count linen or evenweave. So if anyone has some White they would be willing to sell me I'd be forever great full.

Guess I must run. Brandon is wanting breakfast and I gotta get Keith to work. I hate his new job. At least with his old job someone picked him up every morning and brought him home. Now I gotta do it, drag boo out of bed, I hate it.


Itching To Stitch said...

You Are My Sunshine cam eout awesome. I just love the fabric you did him on ;)

Julie said...

Sunshine looks wonderful and i love the bright oranges in your WIP.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could watch movies and stitch all day and not feel guilty LOL

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations on finishing You Are My Sunshine its lovely. I like the look of the Country Fall one.

WTG Chiloe congratulations on winning the chart.

Kim said...

You Are My Sunshine looks great, the fabric and the thread colors are nice together. I never would have known you used DMC, if you hadn't mentioned it.

Those oranges all blended together are beautiful.

Have a Great Week!

karen said...

You are my sunshine turned out great! I wish we had rain here in AZ, i love rainy days (only if i am home though)they are perfect watch tv and stitch days.