WIP, Lost kitty,

Man what a busy weekend I've had. Cookouts, yard sales, and working. Seems like I haven't had a day off in a while. I've haven't been stitching much. Been spending time outside with boo and my sister. Been enjoying the pool. I've got a lot of things to share in this blog, hope I don't forget anything.
First of course is my WIP. I've been slowly stitching on Country Fall. Stitching the green is sooooo boring and the stitches are scattered about. Have to keep changing colors. I think today I will take a break from the green and work on back stitching or the boarder.

I finally received my spring exchange gift. Here is a picture of what she stitched for me. My partner was Monica P. I wish I knew her board name. This piece will hang in my front hall. I wish to hang many more welcome signs there.

Now for the sad news. Our cat Jazzy has ran off and we can't find her. She has been in our family for 6 years, got her when she was a kitten. She has always been an inside cat. Some how she must have gotten out. I've looked all over the neighborhood for her with no luck. She won't survive out there by her self. She is probably scared to death. I'm going to go out and look for her again soon as it is light out. I just don't understand how she could have gotten out. Unless she jumped out the window when we were putting in air conditioners. Neither Keith or I saw her jump out tho. We brought a new kitten home last week. Maybe she was pissed off because of it and decide to run. The new kitten is awesome. So very play full. Brandon just loves him. I have named the kitten lily. As soon as I can get a good picture I'll post it.

I finally talked Keith into getting cell phones! YAY! We used to have a net 10 phone. Hardly got service anywhere. Yesterday we got nextel phones. For both of us to have one it's 100$ a month. Unlimited text. I love to text. LOL I gotta sit down today and figure out how to use it.

Hmmm....what else did I want to write about.....Oh I remember. As of Monday June 9Th my parents are officially divorced. What a sad day that was. 32 years down the drain. Funny thing is my mother has called me everyday since just to talk. Used to be I wouldn't hear from her for months and months. Not sure what that is all about. But I've ran out of things to talk to her about. LOL OK that's not funny, but really, she is like a stranger to me now, and I don't' want to start a relationship with her again just to be thrown aside in a week. Does that make sense?

I'll end this post with a picture of Brandon. Check him out. He looks sooo mad being up in this tree. After I took the picture he started to cry so we took him down. That's my brother Dave with him, He is also our neighbor. I wished he would shave that dang hair off his face. LOL I can't stand it. Here is a picture of me in the pool. Plz don't' laugh. LOL Enjoy your week.


Julie said...

Country Fall looks nice and i love your exch gift.

Your pool pics are fun, poor baby up the tree!

Hope your kitty returns soon, i have 2 and i worry about them all the time when they are out.

Ranae said...

Hey! That WIP looks like it will be adorable.
Welcome looks great.
The pool looks fun and cool.
I do hope you find jazzy soon. She is probably sad.
You asked me what I stitch on,
Well, I stitch by hand on smalls and close to the edges, scroll frames, wooden hoops and q-snaps whatever fits the design I am doing.
Visit my blog for a contest.
Take care!!

Carla said...

Hope you can find your cat soon.
Your PR piece is coming along beautifully and the piece you got from the exchange is really nice too!
Enjoy your summer!!

Kim said...

Country Fall is looking nice.

I hope you are able to find Jazzy. You could also check with local animal shelters just incase someone found her and took her there.

Cute picture of Brandon in the tree, just think in a couple of years you won't beable to keep him from climbing them :)