It's summer time!

boy this heat is killing me. It's 11am here and already in the 90's. And humid. I can't stand the heat. Gives me a migraine. Night before last we decide to put up the kiddy pool. Brandon was loving it. Which is a surprise to me being that he HATES the water. He jumped in, with is dinner in his hand, and sat in it. It wasn't long and he was splashing and having a good ole time. His cousins joined him, they all had a great time. It took 6 hours to fill up this little pool. It's about 3 feet deep, 12 around. Nice for the kids, nice for me to just get in and cool off, or float on a raft for a tan. Here are some pictures of the kids.

Hopefully today we can go out and enjoy the water. Yesterday the water was still too cold and Brandon wouldn't stay in it. Fingers are crossed.

Here is a picture of my Country fall. I finished stitching her dress and now am working on what I think are her boots. I really don't like the coloring, hoping it turns out OK. The picture on the chart is very poor and you can't really make anything out. Today I've got to stitch on my ornament exchange. Haven't really decided what to stitch yet.

Today my mom and dad go to court for there divorce. It's sad, they were married for 32 years. I guess I just don't understand how she can throw all that away. She never sees her kids or grand kids. Heck boo doesn't even know her, she is basically a stranger to her. One day she will regret the things she has done to this family.

I've got to get off here and get to the post office. I have 5 packages to mail out. Stash packages. I'm trading some of my charts for 28 count linen. I can't wait to receive it. Oh I almost forgot. I bought a HUGE bag of anchor floss at a yard sale. I couldn't pass it up. Wonder if I could fine someone to trade/sale it too. I know I'll never use it. Anyways, ta ta for now.


Kim said...

Love the picts of Brandon in the pool, especially the expression on his face in the first photo.

Talk about smoking needles...You have got a lot more done on Country Fall since the last time I saw it. You will have that one finished soon, I just know it :)

i like the new thing on your blog where it shows when blogs were last updated, I may have to add that to mine.

Julie said...

Aww cute pics, i could do with a pool like that, it's been really hot and humid here today.

Country Fall looks lovely.

Barb said...

Brandon looks like he is enjoying the pool. Your Country Fall looks nice. Great job so far.

Kim said...

Very nice blog,I enjoyed my visit.

Kim in Qatar

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely pictures of your little one in the pool.

Country fall looks very autumnal (a good english word that lol) and I think she is lovely.

Carla said...

Thanks for visting my blog:)
You little boy is a cutie :).
Looking forward to seeing more progress on you Passione Ricamo wip !