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I have fallen in love with 2 new HEAD (heaven and earth designs). I so gotta save up my spending money for a few weeks and get at least one of them. Here is one called Winter spell. I just love her. I wonder if the back ground is stitched or if it's the hand dyed fabric. If it is fabric wonder how much that would cost.
I spent all morning looking at the newNashville cross stitch releases. There are a bunch that I just have to have. But I have enough charts to stitch right now. *trying to talk myself out of buying more stash*
School is closed again today. Think this is like the 7th day of closed school this year. That means they will have to make up 2 days this summer. Or do Saturday school like they did last year. We have probably 3 inches of snow on the ground and as of 7am it's sill coming down. I think I might call the nieces and nephew and see if they want to go sleigh riding today. Boo won't be able to go, he's still sick. I feel like that boy is ALWAYS sick. I went to work yesterday on my day off for 4 hours. And then the Supervisor just called me and asked me if I would come in again today. I told her I couldn't. I gotta let my ankle get some rest. It hurt so bad last night when I tried to fall sleep. Anyways, I gotta run. I want to get some stitching done before Boo gets up.
I hope to post a Finish today! I'm so close to being done.
OHHHH! I almost forgot. Keith's friend Arron called yesterday. He's the one with the pregnant wife. They are going to have TWINS! ***He has twin brothers** I'm going to call her today and see what she thinks of it. And try to find out what she is going to decorate the baby's room in so I can begin stitching things for her/them.

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Susan said...

Hi-saw your blog thru the 123 website- your finish is very cute!
As far as the HAED-they usually are stitched background and all. You can get them to remove the background and then stitch it on a special fabric of your choice.

Nice to meet you!