I have new finishes!

I finished 2 things this past week. Here is a picture of my ornament finish. He is called Chilly's gift. He is from the 2007 designer freebie packet. From Stitchy kitty. I tried to finish him as a cubeish tybe of ornament. I think it turned out ok. Not perfect..but nothing ever is in life. I'm not real sure why the designer picked such pinkish colors for a christmas ornament. If I ever stitch him again I think i'll change a LOT of the colors to suit christmas better.

And "drum roll plz" here is my other finish! It is called Love you by 4 my boys. I do belive it is suspose to be a kit but a very nice lady sent me just the chart. (I just love the ladies from 123 stitch MB). Anyways, this only took me 2 days to stitch up. The hardest thing was the heart, keeping on track so I didn't mess up and have to frog was a pain. I'm not sure how i'm going to finish this. Was thinking of turning it into a wall hanging. Have to see how talented I become today. LOL

my project now is to finish the back stitching on one of my sisters many projects. She stitched a snowman and WOULDN'T finish him! So I stole him from her and told her she wasn't getting him back. LOL So now I've got to add the back stitching. He's very cute, says let it snow on it. After I finish him i'm going to start a sampler. I have never done a sampler type chart before so this will be my 1st. I promised myself i'd try new things this year. Samplers being one of them.

Keith and I spent this past weekend at his friends Arrons house. We had a great time. Only thing i can complain about is it was so COLD! They are trying not to use much heat due to the cost of fuel but lord did my toes freeze. LOL I dont' think we will be staying there again intil spring..maybe even summer. We played the game clue..guess who won both games! ME! Both games..it was so fun.

I gotta get off here and get boo up. We are going to Toy R US today to get him a toddler bed. I think he is getting too old for his crib. Although i'm not sure of the age one stops sleeping in a crib.

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