Jammer boxes

Brandon finally went down for a nap. He has been so sick the last 3 days. He's ran really high temps. Highest was last night it reached 104.3. I have him some tynol and a cool bath and it brought it down. I had him to the doctors on Tuesday. Said he had a viral cold and there wasn't anything they could give him for it. Just had to let it run its course. Good thing I took this week off of work. Ive been home to look after him.

Here is a picture of my Jammer box. I hated it. IT looked so messie and sloppie. So I decided to rewind all of my floss onto the plastic DMC bobbins. OMG..IT looks sooo much better. I'll let you be the judge.

Now here is apicture after I put all the floss onto DMC bobbins and used DMC lables. I couldn't belive the difference.
Suspose i should write here of my accendent that I had this week. I went to step over the baby gate and steped over it onto one of boo's toys. My foot went side ways and I heard an alful snap. Thank goodness Keith was there to catch me or I would have fallen flat on my face. My ankle hurt sooo bad that I had my SIL take me to the ER. They said it wasn't broken, just sprained. I have to wear a splint. Those baby gates are going to be the death of me.
Also, Keith and I bought Boo a new bed. We got him a toddlers bed. (Car's theme). He's slept in it for 2 nights now. No problems. He even takes a nap it in better than he did his crib. I hope after he gets better we don't have problems.
Well for some reason I can't get spell checker to work. So this post will probably be full of missed spelled words. Sorry all. ((Like I get a lot of readers here LOL)

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