My concerns for my 16 month old son is growing with each passing week. He's almost 17 months old and he still doesn't talk. He says daddy a lot. Sometimes he will say Mam ma and bye bye. But that's it! He will point to things and grunt. But he won't even attempt to say anything. He knows what things are, cause when I say..go get your blanket or Binky he goes and gets them. Or if I say lets eat, go to your chair, get a drink from your sippie he understands. He just doesn't SAY anything. I so want him to talk. Even if it's to say ball..or no..or sleepy. SOMETHING! Someone tell me I'm crazy and that's this is normal. PLZ! This week I'M going to teach him what a ball, truck and a hammer is. (a toy hammer, he has several of them). Today I picked up a small plastic step stool. Maybe he can learn to use it to get up on the couch. That would solve a lot of his frustration

Keith and I watch the best movie last night. It was called 1408.It is based on the short story by Stephen King and starring John Cusack as a horror novelist who tries to stay more than an hour in a hotel room. Man is it a nail bitting..on the edge of your seat movie. (it's a horror movie of course). I recommend it to anyone who is a horror movie fan.
I placed an order with silk weavers yesterday. I cant wait to get my new fabric so I can start my new project. I'm going to do L&L Enchanted alphabet. I've always wanted to stitch this and have been putting it off and putting it off. Well I'm going to take the plunge and do it! Wish me luck. First i gotta get my WIP stitched. I haven't stitched on it for a few nights due to watching movies with Keith. I gotta go tho, Boo needs to be gotten up from his nap. He hasn't been sleeping well at nights so I haven't been giving him long naps during the day.
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Lets try again said...

I just wanted to comment about your son. My nephew was about the same age when my sister became concerned that he wasn't talking. He said mum and da and also talked jibberish a lot.
The dr my sister took him to said he would eventually talk, said that once he did she would wish he was quiet again but she decided to take him to a speech therapist and it worked wonders. I think it was a couple of months later he started talking full on sentences and could even say my name. He did develop a lisp but the continuing speech therapy helped with that. And now we can't shut him up, lol

kimstitch3 said...

I love your country fall picture. I cant wait to see it done. thanks for your sweet comment.I will add you to my blogs friends