I am so disappointed in my self. I sat down and ate a whole box of girl scout cookies (the mint ones) last night. Man were they good. Thank goodness Keith is hiding the other 2 boxes for him self. After I ate them I yelled at Keith for letting me eat them. He said..everyone has to have cookies every now and again. Yeah..but NOT A WHOLE BOX! So today I won't allow myself any thing sweet. NOTHING! *plz lord help me, for I feel like going on a cookie search lol*

I thought I would post a WIP picture of what I'm working on now. This is stitching up so quick and easy. If I get to spend about an hour on it today I might get it done. That would be great.
I also got 2 new charts in the mail last week. Halloween charts. They were sent to me by Vickie M. I love Halloween charts, but I have yet to start one. I might do that after my L&L chart. Soon I gotta get started on my niece's stocking. I promised to make all of my sister kids a stocking.
Another thing I got in the mail recently is my silk weavers fabric. I thought I ordered linen but I received Aida. So I don't know what I'm going to do now. Maybe if someone would trade me that would be great. If not I'll just stitch the L&L on the Aida.
Today Keith and I are going to the big city to see his mother. So I hope to go to Joann's and get some floss. (It's on sale 5 for 1$). It's not like I need any more floss but it doesn't hurt to have extras laying about.
Keith's friends that are pregnant with twins are going to do the baby's rooms in Noah ark baby animals. So I'm on the search for anything to stitch for them. I'd like to stitch both baby's an announcements and maybe a couple bibs. I'll have to see what I can find. I don't have ANY Noah arks charts.
I still can't get the spell checker to work here. I've been going to gmail, cutting and pasting everything to check my spelling. Lord what a hassle that is. Anyways, ta ta for now.


karen said...

email silkweaver about your order they are very good about exchanging it out for the right one. I love your little guy, he is just precious! No worries about the GS cookies, our's will be here this weekend, Lord help me and we have way more than 3 boxes but will freeze them (but i know where the freezer is) LOL.
hugs, karen

Lets try again said...

I was also going to suggest emailing silkweaver. They are really good about exchanging. I would trade with you but I cannot stand aida and I don't have the same colour either.
Sometimes its hard to stop with cookies. DH can't stop at 1 cookie or sometimes even 1 box!
Your WIP looks great and I love the charts you got

Johanna said...

I have enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at your WIPs - such varied and fun-looking designs! Aww, I know that feeling with the cookies, sometimes, 1 just isn't enough....