another finish!

I can't belive I have yet another finish to share this month. This one is called button heart samplers by Homespun elegance. I changed just about everything about the chart to suit what I wanted. I used dyed floss and didn't add any buttons. The picture on the left is the one I stitched. And the picture on the right is what it was suspose to look like. This chart is for trade if anyone would like to have it. Plz email me at I'm looking for another quick Valentine chart to stitch. But am open to just about anything.
Right now I am working on this really cute 4th of july chart. It's a beehive and will look great next to my other 4th of july finish.


kimstitch3 said...

Hey Becca ,I like your Valentines Day finish. You have a nice blog and site. Take care and Happy Valentines Day hon,Kimberly


Chiloe said...

Congrats oon your finish ;-) it's really cute!

Mel said...

Thats so cute. Congrats of the finish!