where has the time gone??

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. I am falling behind on my blog and my comments that I leave for others. I'm so sorry. I worked another long weekend. I got in 50 hours in 4 days. I was sooo tired yesterday that I didn't do much but watch TV and stitch. I have made great progress on my moonbeam witch. Although I didn't get to stitch much over the weekend. I am starting to like the blending thread. I have learned that if I use smaller strands it is so much easier to manage. Here is an updated pic. Today I am going to try and get her face stitched. I'm dying to see what she looks like. I'm on another witch hunt. I have fallen in love with this little witch. Isn't she cute! I think I would stitch her on black instead of white tho. Make the ghost stand out a little more. I also have some of that white glow in the dark floss that would work great on this piece.Wish me luck on my hunt!

Yesterday was my Fathers B-day. He turned 54. I can't believe how old he is. Growing up we used to have so much fun. He would take us fishing, swimming at the local creek, berry picking..always had us kids out doing something. Things sure do change, now all he does is work and spend time on his computer..or play station. He's usually so tired from working that he doesn't want to do much else. I sure loved the old days.

Keith and I went to visit Aronn and Candice last week. We got to spend time with the twins. I can't believe how much they have grown in the short time we were away! Eva has lost a good bit of her hair and looked a bit funny. Eva is also the cry baby baby. Cried just about the whole time we were there. Where as Victoria was layed back and just took everything in. Eva is in pink and Victoria is in blue/white. They are just so cute and cuddly.

Check out my new Sig! I posted a request at http://forums.delphiforums.com/sigcountry/start asking for a witch Sig with my name on it. IT is sooooo awesome. I'm off to read and catch up on blogs. Have a grrrreat week.


Ginnie said...

Love the new signature! And those twins are so cute - reminds me of my 2 when they were little - except both of mine cried a load!! Stitching looking good too.

kimstitch3 said...

awww look at them babies, how sweet. I could just pick one of them up and snuggle and fall asleep.lol. I love your new pattern you are working on too. It is coming along great. I hate having the extra work of pulling and putting together blended floss, but man it looks great doesnt it? Keep those updates coming hon. Take care,Kim

I gotta go to work now.drats.lol

kimstitch3 said...

Hey Becca, I have that pattern you are looking for. I think it is in a newer stony creek mag. I will hunt today and maybe I can send it to you. Take care,Kim

Cindy F. said...

Becca, I had to check out your site since you were on mine! I like it here! Your son is so cute! I love all of your stitchings! You make really pretty pieces! I'm sorry your birthday wasn't exciting:( I've had a few of those myself. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you don't have to work as many hours this week and you get some YOU time :) I'm coming back here to visit. Your pieces inspire me to stitch and stich something fun!

~Tammy said...

Your stitching is coming along quite well. I look forward to the face which is funny because I usually leave my faces until the end. No idea why, I just do.

The little witch pattern you're looking for is adorable.

Love the new signature.

Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad!

Julie said...

Great siggy, how cool.
The twins look adorable as does your little witchy project.
Birthday wishes for your dad, hope he had a nice day.

Stitchingranny said...

I love your new signature its so cute. As is the new chart you are looking for.

As for your stitching you amaze me with how much you get done with the hours you work and a little boy to take care of too.

GingerLouise Clothing said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, make sure to sign up for the give aways on wed, if you win I can make your adorable son a pair of flannel pants. Sorry about your birthday, did your boyfriend do something for you? Next year we will have a "cyberspace party"
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