a finish and happy Bday Boo!

I finished Tweeny witch yesterday! YAY! She looks great. I'm going to the store today to see if I can find a frame for her. I'm not very good at doing french knots so I left a lot of them off of her dress. I don't think the french knots do much for the design anyways. This was a fun stitch, but if you don't like doing 1/4 stitches you might want to steer clear of it cause it is FULL of them. Epically those pumpkins on her dress.

I received my Halloween exchange ornament from Kathy E. (no blog). She sent me lots of extra goodies. I just love the socks and the fabric she sent. And the owl ornament is just awesome. This was her 1st exchange ever! I'm glad she liked what I sent to her. And she loved the extra goodies I sent. This is what i sent to her.

Since I finished Tweey witch I am trying to figure out what to start today. I might do some more Halloween ornaments. My Halloween tree is looking really bare this year. ( I gave most of my ornaments away last year). If anyone would like to stitch me an ornament for my tree let me know! LOL

My son turned 2 yesterday, We had his party on Saturday. Not many people showed up but we had a great time. He loved all this gifts and especially loved the guns my sister got him. I can't believe he is 2 already. How time flys. He is really talking a lot now, I was worried in the beginning that he wasn't talking much. And I think potty training is right around the bend, he tells us AFTER he has messed his diaper. And he's always wanting to go to the bathroom to pee..I take him but he doesn't do anything. Just stares at the potty. So that will be fun..I told Keith that potty training him will have to be his deal because I can't stand up to pee. LOL

Anyways here are some pictures of Brandon and his party.


Ginnie said...

Your little witch looks great! Glad the birthday was a good one.

Julie said...

Tweeny Witch is so adorable. Gret exch parcel too. Nice party pics.

~Tammy said...

Your witch is too cute! Congrats on another finish.

Brandon's birthday party looks like fun and the cake looks yummy.

kimstitch3 said...

Your tweeny witch came out soo cute. Love your work. Happy Belated Bday to Boo from me too. Looks like the weather was perfect for his Bday too. That is good too. Glad your exchange went well, cant wait to see that owl all done. take care,Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your son, time does fly by, That 2 ballon looks like it needed some puff to blow up,

Love your witch she is wonderfull,
Thankyou for comment on my blog too,
Take care,

Beatrice said...

Tweeny looks lovely. Congrats on her finish. Good luck with framing her!

Mom did her last week and instead of french knots you could use small beads. It gives it a wonderful dimension.

Stitchingranny said...

Belated birthday greetings to your little boy, he is growing up so fast.

Also congratulations on a great finish.

Irishenchantment said...

looks like brandon had a great time :0