Moonbeams and stardust witch

Here is a picture of my new project. This is the 1st project that I have used special fibers and floss on. So far i hate it. Maybe because it's something new and i'm not used to it. I am using glissin gloss rainbow blending thread and something called color wash. I ordered them from 123 stitch. I received them in the mail today. Here is a picture of it so far. I just fell in love with this design. It is from the stoney creek magazine Oct 2007 issue.

We went to a place called Rolling Ridge Ranch over the weekend. ( It was soooo much fun. Keith's mother took us to celebrate our birthdays. (Keith's was Oct 10th). I have never seen wild animals before so this was such a treat for me. And Brandon loved it. I thought he would be scared but he wasn't. He loved feeding all the different ones. Here are my Fav animals.


Julie said...

Great new start, i hope you enjoy using the Glissen Gloss more, it does make a project nice and sparkly.
There are lots of different ideas about how to make it easier to stitch with it, you can buy something called 'Thread Heaven' a bit like a wax that you run the thread over, but some use a damp sponge and pull it through that, you have to find something that works for you..... sorry rambled on there a bit

Chiloe said...

Will you believe this is one of my own future projects? I'm sure you believe me as we have similar tastes !!! so amazing ;-) We may have been twin sisters in another life !!! lol

Too bad the threads are bad ... I'll follow your project very carefully.

~Tammy said...

This new piece is just awesome. It is adorable. I'm really going to enjoy watching it come to life.

Looks like the birthday trip was a success and lots of fun.

Beatrice said...

Yup Thread Heaven is the ticket to easier stitching with specialty threads.
She is going to be a beauty. Remember we are supposed to be having fun,,,lol Enjoy!
The animal photos looks like you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Your little witch is sooo cute and this one is adorable too! I love the vibrant colors. It looks like a great time was had by all on your venture.

Thank you for your nice comment on my recent post, I am feeling a whole lot better today.

Ranae said...

Oh I love Thread Heaven for those kind of threads.
You pick the neatest designs.
It looks like it was a beautiful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Its going to look amazing when its done,

Stitchingranny said...

wowowow As you know I am not a halloween fan but you have just finished one I loved and now you are starting another.

Looks like you had a wonderful family day out.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.