Tweeny witch WIP

I thought I would post a WIP picture of my Tweeny witch. I have a LOT more of it stitched. I love stitching the orange colors. The picture isn't the greatest, can't wait til i get a new one for Christmas. I was going to spend today back stitching but I got called into work. So the back stitching will have to wait in til I get home tonight or tomorrow morning.

I mailed out my Halloween ornament exchange package the other day. As soon as she gets it I'll post pictures of it.

Remember when I showed you this picture Of my 2 framed girls. See that horrid brown panelling I called my living room walls. Well now check it out....Keith and I spent last week painting. It look us forever to cover up that ugly brown color. IT is now a very lovely cream color.(excuse the mess on the TV stand, I was still putting things back in order) The new color makes the living room appear larger and brighter. I love the new change.

I posted a while ago about not receiving my Christmas in July ornament exchange. Well...I think that boat has finally sailed. My partner claims she has mailed me a package 3 times and it's not reached me! 3 TIMES! Now I can't believe that at all. The owner of the exchange doesn't know who to or her. I can understand that because the owner and the partner are "friends" but as to end the exchange for me she (the owner) has sent me a package from 123 stitch. I got it yesterday in the mail. She sent me the new just cross stitch ornament issue. I thought that was very nice of her. There are lots of ornaments I'm thinking of stitching up.

I gotta go get ready for work. I'm off tomorrow and I'm going to unplug the phone. I need a day off!!



Ranae said...

Teeny Witch is sew adorable.
Your walls look great.
Have a fabulous Friday... a day off with relaxation and lots of stitching

Anonymous said...

I love this design and had this magazine for a long time and never stitched it (because I don't decorate for holidays), I finally pif'd it to someone last month but I really, really love it and yours looks gorgeous!

Chiloe said...

Hi there !!! Of course I'm following your progress: every time you post, I read you girl ;-) I'm jealous because you already started yours and I'm stitching a sticky guy !!! lol

Always check ebay before the regular stores!: I got my other SC witch for $2 ( told ya: always check ebay ;-) )

By the way, have you tried the evenweave? or linen?

I love the cream color !!!

Michele said...

that witch is soo cute! and I love the new walls :)

Julie said...

Teeny witch is sweet. The new paintwork looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Your witch is wonderfull,
The wood walls are looking smashing now they have got a lighter shade on it will make your room feel much bigger now,
Take care