here i am!!

Man I am falling behind on this blog. I have come to be addicted to another site. Called It's sorta like my space but not as popular. I love it. So I'm spending all my free time at that site, posting things, reading stuff and I'm not getting much done here.

I have been stitching on a chart called Poof. Stitching it on black 14 ct Aida. Stitching on black is hard! Especially at night, my lamp which I have always loved, isn't all that great. LOL Here is a pic of what I have done. I love stitching the purples and greens.

Also my ornament exchange partner has received her package. So I can finally post a picture of what I sent her. I stitched her an mitten and added some other stuff to the package. Here is what I sent her. I haven't received my package yet. Hopefully soon.

Not much else has been going on around here. I'm on a 10 day vacation from work. I really needed a vacation. We aren't going to do anything special. It's nice to wake up and not have to get ready for work tho. I think this weekend we are going to travel to his sisters. She lives over 2 hours away for a birthday party. Keith's nephew is turning 2 years old. Seems like he just turned a year old! The nephew and Brandon are only a couple months apart. So I guess I better be thinking about what to get him for his birthday, start thinking about a party and all that good stuff.

The kitten is going this week to be De-clawed. I can't take the scratches any more. The other morning he was trying to climb up my leg using his claws! Man did it hurt. Brandon has a new friend. A lady friend. He just follows this little girl around. I never seen him act the way he does when she is around. Here is a picture of the 2 of them. Aren't they cute. She is a month older than him. I guess i better get off here and see what Brandon is doing. He's in his room and being rather quiet. That's not a good sign. LOL

PS..I ment to post this and forgot. To Carla,I can not access your blog. Every time I try to view it it says I have been blocked, or something like that. Do you have to invite me, unblock me? I'm not sure whats going on. LOL


Julie said...

Poof lookes great, i dont do black fabric, can't see the holes LOL

Aww cute pic of Brandon and the ladyfriend!

Carla said...

Poof is looking great!! The colors really stand out on the dark background...very nice!!

Rachel S said...

Lovin the poof. It is really popping!

Ranae said...

Poof looks interesting, since I love Halloween,lol
Those kiddies sure are cuties.

kimstitch3 said...

Hey girlie, your blog looks awesome. I love it. Take care,Kimberly